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We specialize in delivering custom, end-to-end solutions, from conception, through design and development, to maintenance. We provide custom web and mobile app development for startups and enterprises.

Are you ready for digital transformation? Our team will analyze your possibilities and help you to find the best way to innovate: increase revenue, cut costs, improve efficiency and deliver more value to your customers and employees.


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We are not vendors – we’re your partner and advisor on the way to your long-term success.

Our Software Development Company provides both backend and frontend development for iOS, Android and web: from workshops, through design and development, to shipping and maintenance.

We specialize in cross-platform development and Progressive Web Apps.

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Maxence Taieb, Head of Product & Senior PM at Smartfix30

“Appstronauts team help us to develop Smartfix SaaS Platform which aim to digitalised field agent tools and improve end-customer experience. We work daily with a dedicated team and their reactivity is one of the key point I enjoy the most.”

Kamil Redosz, Product Owner at Agora S.A.

“We appreciated a friendly atmosphere throughout the whole process, the ability to contact developers directly and the team’s flexibility. Appstronauts treated us like a partner rather than a client.”

Marek Rodkiewicz, Digital PM at OTIS Elevator Company

“To build a masterpiece you need to combine design with development and add a spoon of experience.Β  If you want to make your idea come true fast, Appstronauts are the people to talk to.Β  I would strongly recommend this team.”

Krzysztof KrΔ™ΕΌelewski, CEO at Asap Technology

“Appstronauts provides project partnership like no other. They are a team driven by passion with individual approach to a client. Having them involved helped us take our project to another level.”


Success Story: Smartfix30

Smartfix30 is a SAAS platform created to digitize the process of customer relations for top telecommunication, retail and utility companies in France. The platform revolutionized the French market and allowed a startup to become a market leader. Smartfix30 serves over a million customers of the top telecommunication brands.

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β€’ 11k Technicians


A company’s value and approach are best seen in the reviews they receive. Our clients’ feedback allowed us to be distinguished by various B2B reviewing websites as one of the best software development companies and Eastern Europe leaders.



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