4 Top Networking Events and Meetups for Startups in Munich in 2020

February 4, 2020
the best startup events in munich

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In Munich, there are a lot of exciting business conferences and networking events where startups can attract investors or meet other like-minded people. These are also excellent opportunities to learn about trends and best practices.

Below, we gathered the best Munich events that are all about networking and business growth. Previous editions of one of them were enhanced by talks of Barack Obama, Jessica Alba, Richard Branson or Nico Rosberg. That’s the event you cannot miss!

We also present 2 top Munich meetup groups startup owners should definitely join. These 2 communities grow dynamically, focus on sharing knowledge and best practices, as well as bringing the whole Munich startup ecosystem together.

Top Startup Networking Events in Munich

Bits and Pretzels

Source: Facebook
  • When: 27-29 September, 2020
  • Where: ICM, Munich
  • Language: English
  • Tickets: Conference Ticket €395, Conference and Certified Training Ticket €1495, Certified Training only €1295
  • Useful Links: Website, Agenda, Registration
  • Social links: Facebook, Twitter

Bits&Pretzels is the biggest startup event in Munich. It’s a 3-day festival that connects founders, investors, startup enthusiasts and people from the world’s startup ecosystem. 

On Bits&Pretzels, you can make appointments with potential partners or investors, promote your company or find clients. What is more, you can meet the decision-makers from the startup ecosystem all over the world. You can also take part in the Pitch Stage and listen to leaders. Former Bits&Pretzels speakers are, for example, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Drew Houston, Reid Hoffman, or Nico Rosberg.

The festival takes place during the Oktoberfest in Munich. Therefore, it is well known for the Oktoberfest Networking on the last day. 300 tables are reserved exclusively for Bits&Pretzels attendees. Some tables have a Table Captain (one expert who guides the discussion), others are topic tables. If you’re a startup owner, Bits&Pretzels is the event you definitely cannot miss.


Source: Facebook

Cashwalk is an exclusive pitch event for startups and investors. It gathers 100 investors and 50 pre-selected startups that are actively looking for money. 

It’s an opportunity to pitch your startup idea and gain investors as well as take part in networking sessions after the event. If you’re a startup owner, your ticket is free, all you need to do is send an application.

Top Startup Meetups in Munich

Startup Safari Munich


Startup Safari is an event that takes place in various locations around Munich. It’s directed at a broad audience: startup owners, investors, innovators, corporates, accelerators, even students searching for jobs. Every major player of the Munich startup ecosystem opens their door for this event. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an active member of Munich’s startup ecosystem or someone who wants to learn more about the opportunities it creates. To attend, you only need to buy one ticket, then create your own agenda based on available sessions around the city and travel through Munich. The event allows for making connections and meeting like-minded people.

Startup Grind Munich – Meetup Group

  • When: 20-23 October, 2020
  • Where: various places in Munich
  • Language: German, English
  • Tickets: free
  • Useful Links: Website
  • Social links: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Startup Grind is an independent startup community connecting over 200 cities and 85 countries. The community is in partnership with Google for Startups. It organizes a lot of events – educating, inspiring and connecting ones.

Monthly events cover meetings with successful local founders, educators, innovators and investors. The idea is to share knowledge and experience. The events are free and open to anyone interested. Startup Grind in Munich expands dynamically and organizes a lot of exciting meetups.

If you’re a startup owner, benefit from meetups and conferences to meet partners, investors, clients as well as to gain knowledge and get inspired! As you can see, there are many exciting events in Munich you can participate in. Don’t waste these opportunities for networking. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Need any help with creating a software product to start your dream business? Appstronauts team loves to work with startups and help them on their way to becoming the most significant players in their country and even further.

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