8 Reasons for German Companies to Work with Polish Software Houses

February 24, 2020
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IT outsourcing should give you access to experienced specialists, who would share their technical and business knowledge and create a perfect product for you. You and your outsourced team should understand each other perfectly, be able to communicate and meet easily. If you also care about the best quality in the most affordable price, you should turn your gaze into Polish Software Development Companies. Let’s explore 8 reasons why.

1. Convenient Location

You cannot think about a more convenient location. Poland is Germany’s neighbour from across the eastern border, and that makes travelling really easy. 

There are many plane connections between major German cities and Polish cities like Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw or Katowice. The flight won’t take longer than 2 hours. Additionally, the flights don’t cost much and planes fly back and forth every day. As a consequence, you can meet with your outsourced team anytime you want.

That helps to build a bond with a team and organize cooperation. You can easily travel to a chosen software development company to know them better, take part in product workshops, make sure that they understand your vision and benefit from their advice.

What is more, that proximity means no time zone difference. You will be able to communicate with your team during convenient hours, and you’ll always receive a fast response.

2. Local Presence

Germany is well-known for its excellent startup ecosystem and exciting tech and business conferences. Therefore, Polish software development teams and entrepreneurs visit the country a lot. They know cities like Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt from scratch and feel there like home. 

While visiting the events, they network with a lot of German business owners or tech specialists learning about their problems and needs, specific to the local ecosystem. What is more, spending a lot of time in the country and networking with German entrepreneurs makes Polish specialists closer to your culture and creates a lot of understanding. There are a few exciting tech conferences in Munich as well as business events where you will be able to meet specialists from Poland and benefit from their advice.

3. Excellent Linguistic Skills

Any friction in communication can bring your project dangerously close to an outsourcing disaster. To avoid that, firstly, you need to find a company that manages the project correctly, by using the right communication tools (like Slack) and organizing everything to keep you in the loop. But will that be enough if you’ll have problems with understanding each other? Can you be sure that the company understands your vision and your feedback then?

You need specialists that speak English fluently to be sure that everything is going to be ok. And Polish can do that. Poland ranked 11th in the report of EF, the largest global English language knowledge ranking, which includes 72 countries. Polish students learn English at all levels of education. Fluent English is a standard among graduates and is obligatory at IT studies. What is more, Polish students learn more than one language at school, and the second one usually is German. As a consequence, many of the Polish business owners know at least the basics of German.

4. Cultural Proximity

According to the fact that they learn German in school, Polish students also get familiar with German culture. Essentially, in Poland, there’s sympathy and understanding of Western culture. What is more, as we said before, Polish business and software specialists travel to Germany a lot to take part in various events which allow them to learn your culture and values. Cultural proximity improves communication and reduces friction. You will feel more comfortable with a team that shares similar cultural values and understands you.

5. A Lot of IT Geeks

Polish developers have a strong educational background. Poland has a few prestigious universities, like Jagiellonian University which currently ranks 6th in the EECA ranking or The University of Warsaw which ranks 7th. It’s Computer Science Faculty ranks 2nd in Europe in the area of theoretical computer science, taking into account the last 10 years. It is also well-known for multiple prizes won by students. Polish developers make 10% of ICT specialists of all university graduates in the EU. Around 15 000 IT graduates enter the Polish software development market annually.

What is more, Poland prides itself for raising a lot of tech geeks. According to HackerRank 2018 Developer Skills Report, almost 8% of Polish programmers start to code at the age of 5-10. Polish developers rank 5th in the TopCoder ranking of the best countries and 3rd in HackerRank research. According to HackerRank, Poland beats the rest of the world in Java. They also rank 3rd among countries that never give up.

Polish software development companies rank high in toplists like TechReviewer. Also, their reviews on Clutch, Goodfirms or Appfutura leave no doubt. They are great at web and mobile app development, and know how to take care of the frontend and backend side of a product. You clearly care about the quality of your code. Polish developers deliver it.

6. Organizing Projects in the Agile Way

Technical skills and flawless communication are two first keys to the successful project. The third one is the organization of work. Experience shows that the best way to manage a software project is to follow the Agile methodology. It allows a team to gather all the project’s tasks in a tool like Jira and divide it into two-week sprints. Organizing a development process in an Agile way speeds it up, keeps the development team focused and prevents unwanted results. What is more, it’s easy for you to stay current with the progress.

No surprise, Polish software houses know Agile inside out, and the vast majority of them use that method to organize all the projects.

7. European Union Security Measures

Polish is a member of the European Union, such as Germany, so the data security laws are the same as in your country – the EU and GDPR regulate them. That makes all your project fragile data more secure. Most of the companies will also sign with you a Data Protection Provision along with the contract. It’s easier to protect your data, idea and rights with a Polish software house.

8. Excellent Quality in Reasonable Price

Last but not least, we totally understand that one of the reasons for outsourcing is to save money. But as experience shows – you don’t want to go with the lowest price per hour. Choosing an outsourcing destination and provider like that will probably end up as an outsourcing disaster – many companies have already learned that lesson.

Polish developers are not the cheapest ones in terms of price per hour. Although they are experienced in working with international companies, have a lot of technical knowledge and understand how to manage a project successfully. They give value that is worth paying for. 

What is more, as a consequence of the fact that they use the latest technologies, know what they’re doing and organize projects smoothly, the overall cost of the project will be lower. Why? Because the implementation will take less time. Less bugs to fix, following your feedback immediately, staying transparent with every step. You certainly won’t receive a surprise at the end of your project. 


Polish developers are known for a lot of skills and delivering excellent-quality code. Cultural and geographical similarity provides frictionless cooperation and communication. But what about their ability to advise you on a business level? Do they have enough experience to advise you about your product growth? Yes, but the key is to find the right company.

Our specialists can provide all of these things for you. Appstronauts clients appreciate our open communication, efficient working process, the quality delivered, as well as the fact that we are able to advise them on the tech and business level. You can see it for yourself on our Clutch profile.

Schedule a conversation with Rado, our COO, and talk about your vision and possibilities. He will explain to you how we manage projects, what technologies we use, and how to organize a meeting or workshops with our team.

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