Flutter App Examples: 10 Successful Apps Built Using Flutter

March 30, 2020
flutter apps examples

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Thanks to Flutter, cross-platform app development means no more sacrifices. Many startups and enterprises already took advantage of the possibilities this framework brings. Analyzing Flutter app examples proves that the framework allows developers to create complex mobile apps with excellent performance. Below, we present the list of top apps made with Flutter.

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Flutter App Development

Flutter is a mobile app SDK (Software Development Kit) and a framework created by Google. It is used to easily develop cross-platform apps. Flutter took the cross-platform app development to the whole new level. It allows developers to create apps with no sacrifice. The framework enables development teams to craft high-performance, secure apps with consistent design, providing native experience.

Above all, Flutter allows developers to share the code between iOS and Android, in most cases by 100%. No other cross-platform framework provides that. Developers write one code and then easily share it between iOS and Android. That’s one reason why development with Flutter is faster

What is more, the SDK offers features like Hot Reload that facilitates the development, because it allows developers to see changes in the code quickly. It means immediate bug fixing and testing various solutions. One code instead of two also equals less testing. Moreover, Flutter development teams don’t need to adjust the apps to older versions of iOS and Android – they look and act perfectly on them. No need to test the app on older devices contributes to cutting the testing time even more. All these things result in reduced app development cost. As a consequence, Flutter app development is a massive opportunity for startups with limited budgets.

Flutter App Examples: Top Apps Made With Flutter

Many big brands and startups already bet on Flutter app development. Below we present the list of the best Flutter apps that gather excellent reviews. These apps use Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, send notifications to users, allow for access to native device’s features like a camera or GPS.

Google Ads

flutter app examples - google ads
Media source:Apple App Store

The app allows users to view, manage and optimize their Google Ads campaigns on a smartphone. It’s available for Android and iOS. The Google Ads app enables users to set up real-time alerts and notifications. They also can perform changes in campaigns, budgets and keywords, create and edit ads. What is more, users can talk to Google experts and receive recommendations. The Google Ads app, one of the top apps made with Flutter, received notes of 4.5 on Google Play and Apple App Store (over 61 000 reviews). Users downloaded it over 10 000 000 times from Google Play.

eBay Motors

flutter app examples - ebay motors
Media source: Apple App Store

The app offers a new way to find, buy and sell cars and trucks – from a smartphone. In the app, sellers can take a picture of their license plate and the app does all the boring work – fills out all the details about the vehicle. To boost sales, users can add a one-minute video of their car. eBay Motors, one of the best Flutter apps, uses Machine Learning to auto-categorize photos. Moreover, the app provides users with personalized feed and easy-to-use interface. The eBay Motors app received a note of 4.8 in Apple App Store and has over 100 000 installs on Google Play.


Media source: Google Play

It’s an award-winning app that helps to find a house or apartment in the USA. The Real Estate app by Realtor.com includes detailed info about each offer and filters like days on the market or swimming pool. What is more, it allows users to calculate commute time to work, offers a mortgage calculator and 3D home tours. The app sends notifications to its users: price reduction alerts, new listings. House listings are updated in real-time and 90% of them every 15 minutes. Moreover, Augmented Reality allows for Street Peek – holding the camera up, we can view details of the house for sale, like the price, square footage, etc. Users downloaded the app over 10 000 000 times from Google Play, and it received notes of 4.7 (based on over 382 000 reviews).


Media source: Google Play

The Reflectly app is a personal journal app driven by Artificial Intelligence. It offers users a new set of questions every day to help them deal with negative thoughts and build new habits using mindfulness and positive psychology. It sends notifications and allows users to unlock advanced statistics and personable insights. The Reflectly app was featured at the Apple App Store as the app of the day, so it undoubtedly deserves its place among the best Flutter apps. Users downloaded it from Google Play over 1 000 000 times and it received a note of 4.6 from over 70K reviews in both stores.

Insight Timer

flutter app examples - insight timer
Media source: Google Play

Insight Timer is a free meditation app that offers guided meditations and talks of psychologists, neuroscientists and the world’s top meditation and mindfulness experts. 100+ guided meditations are added to the app on a daily basis. The app is used by over 12 million people. It also offers thousands of discussion groups, stats and milestones for progress tracking. What is more, the Insight Timer app provides premium features: insight courses or ability to listen offline. The app received a 4.9 average note based on over 250K reviews.

Groupon Merchant

Media source: Google Play

Groupon created a Flutter app to allow merchandisers to track their Groupon campaigns easily from their smartphones. In the app, they can track the campaign’s performance, manage customer satisfaction, share reviews on social media. The app was downloaded over 500 000 times from Google Play and gathered a 4.2 average note from almost 4000 reviews.


flutter app examples - alibaba
Media source: Google Play

The Alibaba app is a wholesale mobile marketplace for global trade. The app allows its users to purchase goods from suppliers from all over the world using their smartphones. The app offers coupons and sends notifications about recent promotions. It was downloaded from Google Play over 50 000 000 times – it’s the highest score among Flutter apps mentioned in this article. The Alibaba app received an average note of 4.5 on Google Play (almost 700K reviews) and 4.7 on the Apple App Store (over 233K ratings).


flutter app examples - nubank
Media source: Google Play

Nubank, the bank from Brazil, created their Flutter app to allow clients to use their digital bank accounts through the convenience of their smartphones. The app allows for unlimited money transfers (scheduled and in real-time), controlling expenses, transactions, payments and issuance intuitively. It also has a reward program. The app was downloaded over 100 000 000 times from Google Play and received an average note of 4.3 based on over 325K reviews. 

Often, banks create their apps as native ones, because of security issues. However, cross-platform apps are perfectly safe – they only require a slightly different approach to security (like web apps). Flutter allows you to create a perfectly secure financial app.



Media source: Google Play

Writco is a multilingual social writing platform that gathers writers and readers from all around the world. In the app, users can read, write and share their stories and poems in 11 languages and more than 25 categories. The app offers writing challenges and contests. For that, users can receive prizes, but also certificates and accolades. Writers can easily transfer the stored content for self-publishing. This Flutter app also gathers positive reviews – users downloaded it more than 5000 times from Google Play and almost 200 people reviewed it on an average note of 4.2.


Media source: Google Play

It’s the official app of the Hamilton musical addressed to its fans. It provides access to the latest news about the musical and to exclusive content. Users can also enter official lotteries, play games and karaoke with HamCam filters. To clarify, HamCam accesses users’ cameras and allows them to add filters and stickers to their photos. Finally, in the app, users can purchase items from the official Hamilton store. It also has integrated in-app purchases. The app is available for Android and iOS and gathers very positive reviews (4.4 in the Apple App Store and 4.6 in Google Play).

Summary: Flutter Apps

Flutter apps are reliable, secure and fast. Google’s SDK eliminated the performance gap that is typical for many cross-platform frameworks. With Flutter, you expand your reach to iOS and Android users quickly and cost-efficiently. Flutter app examples presented above prove that the framework can be used to deliver diverse projects for a variety of industries.

Flutter App Development Team

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