Flutter Interact: Quick Recap

December 12, 2019
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On December 11, 2019, Flutter organized a conference in New York: Flutter Interact. It was a thrilling event that showed the power of this cross-platform framework. Most importantly, we learned about the future of Flutter – and this future is really exciting. Above all, Flutter developers will benefit from interesting changes.

Flutter Interact

To clarify, Flutter Interact is a day dedicated to creation and collaboration with the world, inspired by the makers of brilliant experiences. What is more, during this event, Google presents Flutter novelties and improvements. There were three possibilities to watch Flutter Interact 2019:

  • attend to the event on Brooklyn,
  • a livestream on YouTube, 
  • viewing parties – hundreds of viewing parties around the world, where people meet together and enjoy a nice event.

Below we present the most important announcements of Flutter Interact 2019:

Release of Flutter 1.12

Flutter 1.12 is now available, and it brings a lot of improvements for Flutter developers. 

Flutter creators are closing nearly 5,000 issues with the new release! The team merged 1,905 Pull Requests from 188 contributors, including both Googlers and non-Google contributors. Meanwhile, Flutter is listed as one of the top 3 active repository on Github. Key facts about Flutter 1.12:

  • Better add-to-app support, adding a new Flutter Module Wizard in Android Studio. Now you can easily add Flutter to existing Android and iOS apps.
  • iOS 13 support for iOS Dark mode. Flutter now supports dark mode in the Cupertino widgets.
  • Google font support. With Flutter Google Fonts plugin, you can use your chosen font in a Dart code.
  • Flutter Gallery app renewed.
  • The In-App Purchase plugin released.
  • A few new widgets and features created.
  • Several important performance improvements.

Dart 2.7 Announced

The stable release 2.7 is a safer and more expressive. Dart opens new capabilities for developers: 

Flutter Web Support Available in Beta

Flutter Web support is now available in the beta channel. As a consequence, you have everything you need to compile and run the code in a browser. What is more, you can write your own plugins and access to existing JS libraries.

MacOS Desktop Support

MacOS Support is enabled on the alpha version in the dev channel as of 1.13. What is more, Flutter Gallery also now has Desktop Support.


HotUI allows you to preview your UI widgets directly in IDE as you are building them. Therefore, you make the changes in the code and can see the updates instantly.

Simultaneously Debugging Even Up to 7 Different Devices

With Flutter Octopus, VS Code multi-debugging tool, you are able to run your code on multiple platforms and devices simultaneously and track your code debugging it.


The new version of DartPad allows you to play with Flutter directly in your browser. Indeed, you don’t need to install anything!

Enhanced Dart DevTools

There’s a new visual layout view, and simultaneous multi-device debugging in Visual Studio Code is enabled. Most importantly, the new Dart DevTools allow you to debug your app, inspect your code and measure your performance.

Supernova Studio Support for Flutter

Supernova is a very interesting tool that allows converting Sketch and Adobe XD designs into native frontend code for Flutter.

Gskinner Support for Flutter

It’s a tool that allows extending Flutter capabilities even more. Above all, it provides components and animations working out-of-the-box.

Summary: Flutter Interact Was an Amazing Event!

To sum up, Flutter Interact 2019 was definitely an amazing event, I would even say that more exciting than Apple events! Most importantly, Google shows that they really count on Flutter in the long term. They did a lot of great work. It results in many improvements, new features, and a growing Flutter community. We are quite sure that Flutter is going to crash cross-platform frameworks and become the first choice for developers.

What is also important to mention, Google not only cares about Flutter development but also partners like Supernova, Adobe, what impressed me the most.

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