Show-Case How We Implemented Innovations for Various Industries

March 17, 2020
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New brand technologies can bring innovation to any company or industry. The key to success lies in crafting the best solution for a particular case and optimizing processes to provide the highest level of efficiency. We invite you to discover how it is performed.

In this article, we show 3 examples of bringing innovative solutions for various industires

  1. Allowing a startup to offer an innovative platform for telecom giants in France
  2. Optimizing back office’s work and enabling a new service for a retailer
  3. Creating a digital marketplace to unite the whole European road transport

Allowing a Startup to Offer an Innovative Solution for Telecom Giants in France

Extraordinary idea

Smartfix30 is a startup that wanted to create a platform for telecom, retail and utility companies in France to allow them to “uberize” the work of their technicians. They wanted to build a tool that could be used by the biggest players to let them connect with their clients in need of technical service. To achieve their goal, Smartfix30 needed a reliable, scalable and versatile platform that could be used by the major French telecoms.

Implementing innovation

To make Smartfix30 idea reality, we needed to deliver a complex SAAS platform containing technician’s mobile app, web app for customers, scalable API and real-time dashboard for monitoring visits. Smartfix30 target audience were the biggest telecom companies in France, so we so we were aware that the product would be used by over a million customers and thousands of field technicians every day. 

Our main challenge was to make sure that the platform will carry the highest traffic. We also needed to come up with the most efficient processes in the tool. Smartfix30 needed to provide their clients with a platform that would not only allow them to offer additional service, but also would save the company’s time and money. 

Through the whole process, we worked closely with Smartfix30, organizing workshops, meetings and demos. They needed to test the solution as quickly as possible, so that we organized the work according to the Scrum framework and chose a cross-platform approach. Therefore, we delivered an MVP in 3 months. Then, after tests, we took the project to the next level. 

The result of our efforts was a complex SAAS platform that revolutionized the French market and enabled a startup to become a market leader. Smartfix30 signed contracts with top telecom companies in France, like Bouygues Telecom. Over 10k  technicians are operating with the app on a daily basis, and the platform has more than  1.5 mln users. Now, the company begins its expansion to other European countries – still with our help.

Creating Digital Marketplace to Unite the Whole European Road Transport

Innovative vision

ASAP is a Polish startup that wanted to provide a solution for changing the whole transportation market in Europe. Lots of carriers lose money because they they lack access  to profitable contracts. On the other hand, shippers suffer due to inefficient supply chain. ASAP wanted to create a tool to unite both parties fruitful communication. The goal of their app was to modernize the supply chain and connect businesses with carriers who need to supplement empty load. The company needed a dashboard and two apps (each for Android and iOS).

Implementing innovation

To fulfil this mission we needed to establish the whole transport ordering process. We put much effort into optimizing it to create the most efficient solution for both shippers and carriers. We needed to provide not only the way to place and pick up an order, but also direct contact with a carrier going in a similar direction, upfront pricing with algorithm, shipment tracking, automatic digital invoices and automatic payments for carriers every 7 days.

Organizing the development with Scrum framework and choosing a cross-platform approach allowed us to deliver an MVP in six months. It covered admin panel, two apps for iOS, two for Android and also a Progressive Web App, all with only one source code. During the development, we were regularly checking how target groups are responding to new functionalities. We also designed an AI algorithm that calculates the price of of transportation. 

Working together, closely with our client and with target audience representatives, we expanded the app’s capabilities. We created a product that fills the gap in the market and is ready to win it. The first users warmly received the platform. Now, ASAP aims to not only unite the whole European transport but also to create an entire community around their platform.

Optimizing Back Office’s Work and Enabling a New Service for a Retailer

New service needed

The largest sporting goods retailer in the world opened a few concept stores in Poland, but they were losing clients and money due to limited merchandise caused by a small area. The company came to us with that problem. The solution was to connect all the concept stores in the city and enable the Same Day Delivery service between them: a smooth shipment process from a store when a chosen product was available.

Implementing innovation

We needed to set up steps of the most efficient delivery process and then, create an app with established functionalities. Cooperation with the sports retailer representatives was crucial in this case. During the workshops, we analyzed the company input to optimize the whole process. Time was precious because concept stores were losing clients every day, so we recommended creating a Progressive Web App. Therefore, an MVP was ready after 3 months.

With the app, the sports retailer could launch the Same Day Delivery service. Now, their staff can check the availability of necessary items in various shops and order a necessary one. The process ends with a customer picking up their order the same day. The ability to launch this service resolved the company’s problems, and they stopped losing clients. It also opened a possibility for additional revenue. As a result, they increased their sales volume by 30%. Optimizing the ordering process enables sales assistants to save a lot of time and therefore, the company saves money by eliminating inefficient steps. Thanks to the fact that we developed a PWA, sales assistants are able to use the app on their mobile devices.

The solution is flexible and can be easily adapted to various industries in order to optimize the back office’s work and create an effective ordering process (between stores, peers).


New technologies can bring innovation to your company, internal processes and allow you to save a lot of time and money. If you have a unique idea, they can make you a market leader. All you need is a great team. That will work with you closely, organize projects perfectly and choose the best technologies and solutions for your specific case. A team of business and tech specialists who will share their experience with you and entirely engage in your success. A team who will deliver the best, cost and time-efficient solution. And we can provide one for you!

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