Why Is Flutter Perfect for Your MVP Development Project?

June 29, 2020

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MVP allows business owners to validate their idea, gather feedback, and identify users’ needs. It helps with avoiding market failure and spending money on a product that is not backed up by proper market research. And the perfect tool for cost-efficient MVP development is Flutter. It is perfect when you want to optimize costs, cut development time, reach users on both platforms and amaze your investors.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Why Start with MVP Development?
  • What is Flutter?
  • What Makes Flutter a Good Choice for MVP development?


Why Start with MVP Development (or MAP Development)?

Mobile app development entails time and money investment, and without checking the market demand for your idea ahead of time, the investment is risky. Many startups fail because there’s no demand for their product. MVP development allows you to check out what your audience thinks about your idea, and what do they need, with the least investment possible.

MVP is a simple version of your app, with only one functionality. Although, it has to be easy-to-use, reliable, and well-designed. A perfectly working functionality is a base of your MVP, but it also needs to be appealing and fulfil users’ requirements regarding that kind of app. That’s why more and more often we talk about MAP – Minimum Awesome Product – nowadays we need to provide users with the delightful design even in case of an MVP. If we don’t offer an innovative solution, they will simply prefer the product they use now instead of ours.

MVP/MAP allows you to validate your product idea and gather feedback. You have a working version of your product, to show it to investors rather than just talking about a vision. An MVP allows you to gain traction to your business and get ahead of the competition. You appear on the market faster and begin to build your brand, attracting early adopters. An MVP/MAP gives answers and allows you to draw further development direction based on real data. All of that with minimum investment.


What is Flutter?

There are a few tools and approaches to MVP development. So why should you consider Flutter? Let’s begin by explaining what is Flutter and what purpose it serves.

Flutter is a mobile app SDK (Software Development Kit) created by Google. It is used for cross-platform app development and allows developers to create one code that works on both Android and iOS. Google takes this project very seriously, which they proved during the Flutter Interact 2019 conference.

The framework became very popular because it solves common cross-platform development issues. So far, many companies benefited from it – look at those Flutter app examples

To write Flutter apps developers use a programming language named Dart, which is compiled into native code ahead-of-time. That means the code is “prepared” in advance to display as a native one. The result: no friction nor issues connected with the app’s performance. What is more, Flutter apps have an excellent design which is automatically tailored to each platform’s and device’s requirements. Finally, Flutter app development is fun and easy, providing time- and cost-efficiency for business owners.


What Makes Flutter a Good Choice for MVP development?

Our developers organized a Flutter project to break the framework down, learn best practices, and analyze for which products Flutter is the best solution. We recommend it especially for MVP development. Here’s why:


No Need to Choose Between Android and iOS

Android and iOS are used by millions of people all over the world, and in most cases, target audiences are spread between them. When you want to appear on the market quickly with your idea, you also don’t want to choose which part of your target audience to reach. With Flutter, you can skip the tough decision-making process and gain a larger pool of users for gathering feedback.

Flutter allows your developers to create literally one code and share it between iOS and Android. In most cases, developers don’t need to write any platform-specific code. That way, you are able to reach your target audience on both platforms with no extra time investments.


Flutter Means Cost-Efficiency

In the case of app development, costs increase along with time and resources needed. That is why, in the first place, business owners start with MVPs – fewer functionalities mean lower cost. Flutter allows you to reduce this investment even more because you need only one development team to cover both iOS and Android apps. The process of MVP development with Flutter is fast, which also entails lower cost.


App Development Process is Accelerated

MVP development with Flutter is a time-efficient process. It’s easy to start and set up the environment. Then, developers can use the Hot Reload feature, which allows them to immediately see the effect of changes in code. The team can experiment easily and accelerate testing. Due to widgets development is quicker, and any changes can be applied immediately. Adding new features, fixing bugs and changing things can be made in minutes. 

What is more, with Flutter, only one team works on your MVP so it’s easy to manage the project in an Agile way and organize it in sprints. The close collaboration between developers, designers, and Quality Assurance specialists is facilitated. That entails more time-efficiency and transparency. 


There’s No Need to Build the Backend for Your App

Flutter is integrated with Google Firebase, the backend service. As a result, you don’t have to build backend infrastructure for your MVP. It is especially useful in case of MVP when the time is precious. Thanks to Firebase, we can also instantly modify your app. It is helpful when you want to test various approaches with your MVP.


One Design Works on Every Device

While designing your app, developers have to take care of its look and feel on both platforms and numerous device types that have different sizes. It seems almost impossible to fit each one of them. Fortunately, Flutter solves this problem. With Flutter, the design is created using ready-made widgets. Developers create only one code and Flutter itself displays the apps properly on each platform, device, and system’s version. Apps look and act like native ones. It seriously speeds up the development, and your app looks perfect regardless of the device used.


It’s Easier to Attract Investors

There’s also a second benefit from having a consistent and adjusted design across all platforms and devices. You can show your MVP to investors and they will be able to see the full potential of your app regardless of the device they use. With Flutter, you can approach your investors with a functional model of your idea, present the launch results, and users’ feedback. 


Flutter Apps Are Visually Attractive

As we said explaining what a Minimum Awesome Product is, even the first version of your app needs to be visually appealing and delightful to use. And with Flutter it is extremely easy to achieve.

Wide range of widgets allows developers to quickly create pleasant and easy-to-use interfaces. They can be also easily customized to your brand’s image. With Flutter, taking care of your app’s looks doesn’t steal your time. You can quickly create a Minimum Awesome Product that will stick in your users’ minds.


Summary: MVP Development with Flutter

Flutter simplifies and accelerates app development and it seems perfect for an MVP. It allows developers to create one code and share it between iOS and Android. The process is fast and smooth thanks to features like Hot Reload. You, as a business owner, receive a polished, high-quality, reliable MVP for iOS and Android quickly and without any sacrifice. On the contrary – with Flutter it’s easy to amaze your initial users and investors with delightful design and flawless performance. You don’t need to choose between iOS and Android, and can be sure that your MVP will work flawlessly on any device your future customers or investors will use. Thanks to useful integration with Google Firebase, there’s no need to build a backend, so your MVP can be ready even faster. 

Quick time to market and low costs is what we expect from MVP development. And Flutter makes it happen. MVP development with Flutter saves you from market failure and bad investment. Thanks to Flutter, you can easily present your idea to the early adopters, gather their feedback and make data-driven decisions about further development steps.

Our Flutter developers are ready to deliver a flawless MVP for you. Let’s talk about your project!

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