Using one codebase to create 3 modern, superpowered radio apps, each for iOS and Android

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AGORA S.A., a huge Polish media company, approached us with a need to create a mobile radio app. But there was one catch: they wanted us to develop apps for three radio stations, each one for Android and iOS, with limited time and budget. We needed to figure out the perfect solution. 


Agora Media Group, one of the biggest media companies in Poland, owns Helios cinema network and a publishing house. The group creates cultural, entertainment and educational events, runs popular polish magazines, journals and a few radio stations. 

Project Details




The company wanted something far more than a simple radio app. Agora wanted to connect better with their listeners, expand their reach, boost engagement, and increase revenue. Our challenge was to create three powerful radio apps within strict time and budget limits.


Instead of a simple radio app, we built a direct marketing tool for Agora. We equipped the app with a contest mechanism and social sharing option, to increase Agora’s reach. Push notifications support users’ engagement, ability to send messages to a radio host gets them closer to the listeners, and Google AdMod increases their revenue. All the business goals achieved.

Keeping budget and time restrictions in mind, we chose the cross-platform approach. It allowed us to create only one source code and use it for iOS and Android. To speed up the development, we decided to build the first app with modules. The functionalities of all the three apps were the same, they only needed adjusting. That way, the subsequent apps were created as clones of the first one. 

The first app was ready after 4 months. Adjusting the code of two others to each radio station took us only a few days. Modules allowed us to save 8 months of work. What is more, if we hadn’t chosen a cross-platform approach, the process would be at least twice that long (8 months x 3 apps).

Business results

  • The company obtained 3 apps (each for iOS and Android) fast and saved not only time but also money. The most significant investment was in the first app – two others were the quickly created clones.
  • The apps attract 30 000 new users a month. It increases the brand’s reach and allows Agora to expand its marketing efforts.
  • The apps are great marketing tools thanks to push notifications, connecting to social media, and Google AdMob.
  • 99.6% of all user sessions are crash-free. The apps are reliable, bug-free, perfectly-working and receive many positive reviews.

What client say?

„We appreciated a friendly atmosphere throughout the whole process, the ability to contact developers directly and the team’s flexibility.”

Kamil Redosz, Product Owner at Agora S.A.

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