Sock Away

Sock Away is a mobile app that allows you to manage your savings for chosen goals.

IT consulting | UX/UI Design | Mobile Development 

We approached the company with a vision for a mobile app to manage savings in a fun and effective way, through a mobile device. We had an idea to equip people with a tool where they can add a saving goal, the amount of money needed, and then choose the frequency of passing the money on it. The main purpose of the app was to help people to stay focused on the goal and stop them from spending money impulsively. We wanted to reach users on iOS and Android.


Appstronauts was hired to develop a mobile wallet application, compatible with both iOS and Android, for a financial services company. The team provided technology consulting support as well.


There was a need for a convenient method to note your savings and stay focused on a goal, accessible from a mobile device.


A cross-platform app where you can add a goal and amount of money needed to achieve it. The app helps you stay focused and reminds you to deposit money on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You keep an eye on the progress, and special features stop you from spending money impulsively.

Business results

The app was warmly received by the initial users and described as providing a fun and effective way to manage savings.

What client say?

„We appreciate that they advised us on the best development direction and technologies, which allowed us to show our product to the world really fast. We’re delighted with the partnership and its results.”
CEO at Sock Away

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