Digital Transformation

Transform your business with a customer-centric approach and optimized internal processes

Applying new technologies into all areas of business leads to improved efficiency, increased revenue, lower costs and driving more value to customers. However, digital transformation starts with creating new models, processes and ways of thinking instead of simply implementing technology into existing ones. The strategy should be well-thought and based on solid data. 

The goal of business digital transformation can be digitizing your core product or service, optimizing internal processes, improving customer experience or changing the whole business model. It can be done by offering new products, developing enterprise applications, web and mobile apps for customers, going paperless, shifting your business to e-commerce or building cloud infrastructure for your company’s assets. 

To achieve that, we provide you with a dedicated team of specialists who will identify opportunities for you to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. You don’t need to worry that we will turn your business upside down. Our team makes data-driven decisions, and test solutions step by step. We will also teach you how to leverage analytics to accelerate your business even more. Our specialists will also help you ensure that there are no gaps in data protection, making your business more secure. Start digital transformation with us to compete more effectively. 

Digital transformation is not about implementing more technology in your company. It’s about using insights to make changes and improve various aspects of your business gradually. Our digital transformation services cover the whole transition process. We have your back during the entire journey. Let’s create your digital future together.

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Since the customer expectations are changing, businesses need to adopt new solutions to stay competitive. Otherwise, they may risk losing clients on account of innovative competitors. The time for changes is now.

New technologies open many possibilities for business owners. Applying them wisely to your internal organization enables you to cut costs and work more efficiently. Digital solutions will help you to automate and optimize processes. You have nothing to lose but a lot of time and money to save.

We help our clients not only build software but also transform their businesses. After the process, our team passes the knowledge to you so you can grow sustainably on your own. We’re a reliable partner on the road to your digital transformation.

Types of digital transformation

Products and services

Our development team transforms non-digital products and services into digital experiences or creates a digital product for you from scratch.

Processes and organization

Our specialists identify your business processes that can be digitized and transform them into more efficient ones.

Digitizing product or service

Our specialists help companies to develop new digital products or adjust current ones to changing market demands. Online is where your customers are, so with a digital product or service you reach clients worldwide and seriously increase revenue. Our development team analyzes every case, finds a perfect product-market fit, creates an MVP to put the solution on the market as quickly as possible, and then builds a full product. 

Creating new value for customers

With the rise of technologies, customers’ behaviour changed. They look forward to seamless experiences, personalized services, and the company’s high availability in real-time. If you not offering that, you stay behind the competition. Our great team can analyze your case, rethink the ways you reach the target audience, what you offer, and establish how to create more value for your customers.

Optimizing business processes

Digital transformation also means organizational changes. Optimizing and digitizing core business processes allows you to work more efficiently and provide value to your employees. It empowers your employees, increases their productivity and inspires innovation. Digitizing internal operations also means making more agile and data-driven decisions. That way, you reduce costs and eliminate risks.

Digital Transformation Process

1. Business and market analysis

At first, we analyze your business, market and competition or assess your business processes.

We take a closer look at the value of your customer relationships or at your internal processes. Our specialists analyze your product or service to decide if we should transform it or add something new. We also analyze your market and competition to determine what value you need to offer to your customers. Our team also spots internal processes that can be digitized and simplified to determine what digital tools we need to develop to make your work more efficient.

2. Innovation workshops

During workshops, we analyze your case and answer critical questions, planning further steps.

We present to you our findings from the previous stage. Workshops are most often organized as Google Design Sprint, which is a five-day process. Its goal is to answer critical business questions and choose the best solution. Workshops allow us to establish the best path for your digital transformation and keep all team members on the same page. It’s decision-making time.

3. Product design

At this stage, we design experiences that need to amaze your users or make work easier for your employees.

Design is essential while creating products for your clients as well as applications for your employees. The flawless interface means efficiency and excellent experience. The design should correspond with each task the app needs to perform to make your processes perfect or to add value for your audience. Our UX and UI designers take care of that. 

4. Development and support

Our teams consist of developers and QA specialists so that your digital product is scalable and bug-free. After the deployment, you can count on our support.

Our development team works in two-week sprints, according to Agile/Scrum methodology. That is the most efficient way to organize the process and the one that allows you to stay on board the whole time. After each sprint, we present to you the progress. Developers keep the code maintainable so that any changes can be applied easily. And the QA assurance team makes sure that your product works perfectly and is error-free. When your app is finished, you still have our support.

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