IT Specialists Outsourcing

Are you looking for IT professionals to help you deliver software development projects? Senior-level consultants on demand straight from Appstronauts!

Staff Augmentation Service

Staff Augmentation at your service

Staff Augmentation means that you extend shortcomings of your present team with experienced engineers from a third party company. If you have a software development project and lack of specialists, Staff Augmentation will be the best approach to fill all the gaps quickly and efficiently!

Long-term engagement to speed up your development process without hiring your own employees for this specific project? Count us in!

Choosing to outsource Appstronauts’ IT specialists, you get a quick ‘hiring process’, relevant resources, top-class development quality and overall contentment of cooperation.

You say – Staff Augmentation!
We say – We are in!

We provide experts with a specific skill set well aligned with your search.
Temporary shortage in your development team? No problems!

Solve your problems
with IT Specialists Outsourcing

How long does it take to hire an IT specialist?

It takes more than two months to hire a mid+ level specialist. Another (at least) one to onboard the person within the company. With time and seniority, it is more and more challenging to find the best people on the market who are able to deliver your development projects.

Sum up all the job boards costs, time spent on job interviews, your in-house specialists who work on recruitment process time or headhunters and their fee, onboarding cost & time of another employees which often gives you up to six months from the idea of recruitment up to when your new hire is ready to work.

Take a chance on engineers outsourcing and stop wasting more time. Pick necessary resources, sign a contract and speed up the development process – within days, not months!


Cost saving

Access to Expertise

No geo-limitations


Increased Flexibility

Imroved delivery speed

Trust the process of IT specialists outsourcing

STEP 1 - Requirements Gathering

During an initial meeting we gather all your requirements and determine possibilities of cooperation. We also explain how our interviewing process looks like, discuss all the expectations, time and budget estimations.

STEP 2 - Engineers selection

We individually select the right specialists who could join your team according to technologies, seniority, expertise, accessibility and more. Then it is your turn to decide who fits the team best and will be augmented.

STEP 3 - Delivery

With the stated date and terms, specialists are at your service working hand in hand with your in-house development team. Congratulations! Now your team has all the expertise to deliver your solution! Good luck with the development process!

Hire engineers within days, not months!

Hi, my name is Rado. I’m here to answer all your questions and talk about your options.