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Innovate. Expand your reach. Improve customer service. Optimize the processes. You can do it all with a mobile app. Tell us what you need, and we will provide a solution.

Mobile App Development

A successful mobile app means excellent market fit, modern design, reliable code and regular updates. That is why we provide you with a dedicated team of designers, mobile  developers and QA specialists, guided by a Project Manager, who work together towards your goal. You also get advice from our business growth specialists.

Every project is managed according to Agile methodology, which means faster and more organized development with you on board. We keep you in the loop because transparency and open communication are the keys to success. Your business needs and goals guide us all the time and IP rights are protected with a carefully-crafted contract. Ready for your success story? Let’s take this journey together, as partners!

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How do we craft a success story for you? Our experts start with effective business analysis. To turn your app idea into reality, we need to analyze your audience, market and business needs. We check which features and functionalities are the most useful in your case. A mobile app offers a variety of possibilities to increase your marketing efforts. It connects you with customers on a whole new level and allows you to increase user engagement. Mobile apps have the ability to send push notifications, to remind people about you and encourage them to interact with your brand. You can easily send personalized offers and build a direct marketing strategy using relevant features. What is more, the app gathers reliable information about users and their behaviour to optimize your tactics and increase customer retention. Together we will figure out what you need to succeed.

After choosing the best solutions for your app, our designers craft impressive UX/UI and developers write a code. The app will attract and retain users’ attention thanks to a delightful design and usability. Code quality, security, performance and scalability are crucial to create a successful product. Reliable backend is the foundation of your app: perfectly-working infrastructure and API built with cutting-edge technologies. With optimized frontend and perfectly chosen frameworks, you will reach users on iOS, Android and web easily and cost-effectively. 

Choose a reliable, experienced team who knows how to deliver the best solutions for your business!

Apps for Phones

Apps for Tablets

Cross-platform Development



ios development

Reach users on the most popular mobile platform on the American market.

android development

Be present on billions of devices with the most popular platform worldwide.

Flutter app development

Provide native user experience and excellent performance to your audience. One codebase works for both platforms.

Ionic app development

Build your mobile app with well-known web technologies. We create one code and adapt it to iOS and Android or web.

The Road to Your Success Story

1. Workshops and research

Let’s begin with validating your idea, discovering business needs and getting to know your target audience.

Starting a project with workshops and research keeps us all on the same page. Together, we validate your product market fit, create user personas, empathy maps and value propositions. We set up goals and analyze your audience, which keeps every member of the team focused. Then, we prepare a map of your application and determine all functionalities needed. You choose if you want to begin with an MVP or to create a full-featured product.

2. UX design and prototype

We start with wireframes, then create excellent UX and craft amazing interface. It will impress your users and make them come back for more.

Modern design is one of the things your app should do better than the competition. If you want to begin with an MVP, we create designs for the main functionality and features. Then, we polish it and work on the UX/UI side of your final product. Our designers are a part of your whole app development team. They communicate with developers and you directly. There’s no friction in providing UX/UI guidelines and passing the project further.

3. App development and testing

Your app is developed and tested in sprints. Each sprint pushes your project forward, and we keep you in the loop. Agile development makes your app easy to scale.

We organize projects according to Agile and Scrum: in two-week sprints, prepared on the grounds of specifications and project backlog. After each sprint, we meet with you on a demo day, present the progress and gather feedback. We use tools like Jira, where you can track the progress, and Slack to communicate. Our frontend and backend developers keep the code easily-maintainable so any change can be added quickly. We test all the elements of your app already after they are created. Quality assurance, automated tests, peer code reviews, usability tests: we make sure everything works perfectly and is bug-free. A code review is a crucial part of the development process. We can start the development process with creating an MVP – the first, simple version of your app, with only one functionality – to get you on the market as quickly as possible, and then, work on the final product.

4. Launch and maintenance

Your app is ready. It’s easy to maintain, and any change can be added easily in the future. We provide support for you.

When the development and testing are finished, we deploy your app to app stores. Then, we gather and analyze users’ feedback. If anything is wrong, we fix it. Your app needs regular updates and maintenance services. We support you all the way. If you want to expand your product, that is the time when we set up further steps.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

The cross-platform approach allows you to save time and money with no sacrifices. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to develop apps for iOS and Android. Developers need to create only one code that works for both platforms, on billions of devices. 

We love to craft cross-platform apps with Flutter and Ionic. Experience shows that these frameworks work best for our clients. We also have a set of battle-tested backend tools. Our team will choose the best technology stack to meet your business goals.

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Modern frameworks provide native design, excellent performance, security and access to device’s features like geolocation or camera. Today cross-platform mobile apps no longer mean sacrificing something. However, to achieve all that, you need a team that uses the right tools. 

Our developers love Flutter and Ionic. These frameworks allow us to create cross-platform mobile apps that have the same level of quality as native ones. Our clients save money and appear on the market faster. We also tested a lot of backend tools and learned which ones are the best for each type of project. Therefore, our experts can quickly pick up the technology stack that fits your case and provides you with the highest quality.

Increase Your Exposure and Revenue

You can increase your brand’s exposure by being where your customers are. Bring the maximum value for them with a flawless mobile app. Attract them with astonishing design and build trust with reliable backend.

We will help you find a market fit and set the right goals. Then, a team of designers will craft perfect UX/UI, and a full-stack development team will take care of the frontend and backend of your mobile app. Our goal is to be your tech and business partner. Together, we will create an app that attracts more clients, serves as a direct marketing tool and allows you to gather reliable data.

Improve The Processes In Your Business

Optimize the processes in your company by creating a tool crafted for your specific case. 

  • Work more efficiently, faster, safer and paperless. 
  • Create a safe space connecting teams or all employees. 
  • Optimize the ordering process in a store. 
  • Save time and money. 

To succeed, you need someone who knows how to analyze the process you want to improve and is experienced with finding applicable solutions. At Appstronauts, we optimized processes for various industries, like TSL, Telecoms, Retail and Healthcare. Solutions we created are flexible and can be easily adapted to multiple cases. 

Our experts will meet with you, analyze the problem and explain the possibilities. We would like to know you better to come up with the best solution. Let our team become more than a vendor – a partner on the road to your success.

Agora: using cross-platform approach to create one code for various radio stations

Agora media house wanted to invest in developing a modern, super-powered mobile app for their radio stations to expand reach and boost engagement. They looked for a company that would quickly create a code easy to share between all those stations, for iOS and Android. That’s where we entered the game. The result: increased engagement, direct marketing tool, more than 30k downloads, excellent reviews. And one code working for iOS and Android, easy to adapt for any radio station they wanted. Find out how we achieved that.

Appstronauts treated us like a partner rather than a client. They were personable and invested in our success.
Kamil Redosz, Product Owner at Agora S.A.

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