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Build a fast and beautiful app for iOS and Android from one codebase with a dedicated Flutter app development team.

Flutter is a mobile app SDK created by Google. SDK goes for Software Development Kit, which means that Flutter comes with a framework, widgets and all tools needed to develop a mobile app’s frontend. It allows developers to create beautiful, high-performance mobile apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase. With Flutter, in most cases, one code is shared between both platforms by 100%. No other framework provides that. For you, one code means faster development: less time and money spent on writing and testing.

Cross-platform app development in its definition consists in creating one code for iOS and Android which generates time and money efficiency and reaching a broader audience easily. But Flutter gives this approach wings and solves a few common problems. Sharing a code between iOS and Android by 100% is only the first advantage. Thanks to using programming language Dart, Flutter eliminates the issue of the performance gap, typical for a few cross-platform frameworks. Flutter has its own widgets, so it’s easy to create a consistent design, the same for each device, adapted to iOS and Android guidelines as well as to your brand’s image. 

Benefit from the opportunities brought by the next-gen, evolving technology. We will provide you with a dedicated team of frontend Flutter developers along with UX/UI designers, QA specialists and backend developers who will take care of a scalable and reliable infrastructure for your mobile app. We manage projects according to Agile/Scrum. That means our team keeps you in the loop the whole time, and you gain access to Jira, a tool to track the progress easily.

Choose a dedicated Flutter team who will deliver a fast, reliable and delightful app to reach your users on iOS and Android quickly and cost-efficiently.

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With Flutter, our UX/UI designers can create a consistent experience for your users across all the platforms and system versions. We can easily craft identical interfaces for iOS and Android. Rich and customizable Flutter widgets allow designers to create a beautiful product for you. 

Our Flutter app development team works in two-week sprints, and each sprint pushes your app forward. Every two weeks we present to you the progress during demo day. Thanks to the framework, your app is ready faster. Less time is spent on testing because there is only one code. With Flutter, we also don’t need to test the app on older Android and iOS versions.

Flutter offers a few features for designers and developers that speed up the development even more: HotReload and HotUI. They allow us to preview changes in the code and widgets the moment we build them. Developers and designers can test various options and see changes in real-time. With native app development, they would have to wait for every change. HotReload and HotUI allow us to fix bugs in real-time and experiment with new ideas easily. They also help designers and developers to work together more efficiently.

Flutter is also perfect for MVP development. MVP is the simple version of your app with only main functionality, that can be developed in 2-4 months. You get your app for Android and iOS at once, and it will work on your users’ and investors’ devices, regardless of the system version they will use. With an MVP, you can present your product to investors fast, validate your idea, learn more about your audience and their preference. After that, we can proceed to work on a full-featured product.

Benefit from the opportunities Flutter brings for startups and SMEs. Build a high-quality and high-performance cross-platform mobile app using Flutter.

Benefits of Flutter

One code - two apps

Flutter is the only cross-platform framework that allows sharing code between iOS and Android by 100%. One code works on both platforms and various systems’ versions. It enables you to reach a broader audience quickly.

Consistent experience

Consistent design of your app on each platform and device will enable you to provide an excellent experience to your users. It’s boosted even more thanks to no performance gaps. Thanks to the work of our passionate developers, your Flutter app will be fast and bug-free.

Less testing

One code instead of two already means less testing. And Flutter apps also don’t need to be adjusted to various systems’ versions. Testing time is severely cut with no need to test the app on older devices.

Reduced development cost

Only one development team, less coding, less testing, faster development. All these things result in reduced app development cost. Flutter development is a massive opportunity for startups with limited budgets.

Native performance

There is no performance gap with Flutter. With many frameworks, the code needs to pass a bridge when users perform various actions. Each pass slows down the app. Flutter eliminated this problem. It provides smooth animations, transitions, scrolling, fast loading and startup times. 

Excellent design

With Flutter widgets, apps look the same on each platform and each system’s version. You can be sure that your app will look perfect regardless of the Android or iOS version the audience uses. Design can be easily adapted to your brand’s image. Flutter apps look like native iOS and Android ones.

Faster development

It’s easier to organize the process because only one team works on your app. They need to create one app instead of two, and have access to features that speed it all up. Hot Reload allows developers to see changes quickly, which means immediate bug fixing and testing various solutions.

Scalable backend

Flutter integrates with Google Firebase, which offers real-time databases, Google Cloud access, cloud storage, hosting, and more. Our developers can quickly build secure, scalable and serverless infrastructure and automate some of the processes saving your time and money.

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