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Expand your brand and reach millions of iOS users around the world. Hire an experienced iOS app development team and get ahead of the competition.

iOS is defined as the most reliable system, with high quality and security standards. That is why it’s so popular in the business environment. Although, it’s not easy to put an iOS app in the Apple App Store. Every new product needs to meet high quality and security standards. iOS app developers need to know how to make an app extra-secure, provide the highest quality, performance, and meet all the standards. That is why to create a successful iOS app you need a top-notch iOS app development team. And we provide that! 

We offer you a dedicated team of reliable, precise and responsible developers, designers, along with Quality Assurance specialists and a Project Manager to coordinate everything. We take special care of the quality, preventing issues and bug-fixing. QA specialists are a part of your project from the very beginning. Our backend developers take care of the scalability and security of your app. It needs to be reliable and no glitches are accepted. All of our work is done with your business, market and audience needs in mind. To deliver your iOS mobile app fast and cost-efficiently, we work in the highly effective and organized Agile way. Our specialists choose the best technologies and third-party tools to cut your time to market and achieve your goal. 

Hire a reliable team of iOS developers and reach your audience with a flawless app.

High standards

Apple demands the highest standards from iOS mobile apps. We provide you with experienced developers who know how to meet those expectations.


iOS app development teams are specialists in making your app highly secure. Our developers create a secure backend for your mobile app.


Our frontend and backend developers create a scalable and reliable code to meet Apple App Store standards with no disruption.


Apple demands the highest quality. That is why we equip your iOS app development team with Quality Assurance specialists from the very beginning of the development process.

Choose a long-term, reliable partner for iOS app development

Organized process

We work in two-week sprints after each one of them delivering a new app build for you to test. Your project is constantly pushed forward.

Scalable app infrastructure

Your app will be successful only with the scalable, secure and reliable infrastructure provided by our top-notch, experienced backend developers.

Security standards

With our agreement, we sign an NDA and IP rights are transferred to you. All our actions are GDPR-compliant and your business, idea and rights are highly protected.

High quality

Quality Assurance engineers are a part of your project from the very beginning to prevent issues and make sure your product is bug-free.

High transparency

You can contact us whenever you need via Slack. We present to you the progress every two weeks and send timesheets every month. Using Jira, you are able to track the progress at any moment.


Our team works with you during workshops and research to perfectly understand your idea and know your business, market and audience inside out. Our goal is to advise you about the best growth options.

Dedicated team

You get a dedicated iOS app development team that consists of designers, front-end developers, backend developers, QA specialists and a Project Manager. It’s easy to scale the team up or down according to your current needs.

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Sock Away is a mobile app that allows you to manage your savings for chosen goals.

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