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Product Design

We provide a dedicated design team to create complete product design solutions: User Experience, User Interface, prototyping, all for web and mobile applications. While designing your product we focus on users and their needs, as well as on business goals. Because carefully-crafted design has the power to improve your business metrics and grow conversion.

Already have a digital product? Thorough redesign will create a new, better experience for its users. We can redesign your app and refresh UX/UI. It’s time to take your app to the next level and craft interface based on research.

Want to build an application from scratch? Let’s talk about your idea, business and market needs. Our team will conduct thorough research, create User Personas and establish guidelines for your application. That will be the basis to craft UX and UI for your app. Appstronauts team can help you then with app development, providing thorough testing and maintenance services.

Start your digital transformation with a carefully-crafted, modern design for your product delivered by an experienced team. Create with us a responsive design adjusted to different platforms and devices.

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Our design team never bases decisions on assumptions or guessing – only on data-driven decisions. It is crucial to conduct thorough research and focus on fulfilling user’s requirements and achieving business goals. There is no place for randomness when we talk about product design. Providing delightful experience and easy-to-use interface is only the tip of the iceberg. The solid ground of your design are your goals and the most efficient ways to achieve them.

Creating a responsive, modern design is also one of our responsibilities. You need to be able to reach users on multiple platforms and devices, and provide them with equally excellent experience on each one of them. These days, responsive design is a must.

Are you ready for digital transformation? Because we’re ready to take this journey with you!

Design Thinking

Project Workshops

Workshops are organized to validate your market fit with minimal spending. We analyze your business, market, audience and competition to gather useful insights which will guide us during the design process.

User Experience

Your app needs to provide users with delightful, consistent experience. That is why, creating UX, our designers have in mind giving additional value to your business. We base our UX decisions on research and collecting insights about your customers.

User Interface

User Interface is the visual identity of your app. Designers work on the look of each screen: it should fit all the functionalities and features your app needs. The goal is to provide your users with elements that are easy and fun to interact with.


It’s time to turn your idea into a specific example: a clickable prototype. We can create one for you during Design Sprint workshops and show it to real users in order to gather their feedback. Creating a prototype diminishes risk and allows you to quickly validate your idea. 

Design Sprint

Design Sprint is a 5-day workshop created by Google Venture. Its goal is to solve a problem through design, prototyping and testing ideas with real users. 

We apply this methodology to help our clients validate their visions in the quickest and most efficient way. With Product Design Sprint, you can test your idea with as little investment as possible. The top value is that months of work are condensed into a few days.

Design Sprint is perfect for you if you want to find out if your future app has potential. Together we will look for the problems your product can solve and validate the chance for success. A thorough analysis will lead us to create a clickable prototype, which we will test on a group of real users. Their feedback will give you answers and allow us to propose further steps for you.

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How do we organize a Design Sprint? On the first day, we set up a long-term goal, exchange knowledge and discuss to understand the problem. On the second day, the team focuses on finding solutions and creating sketches to make them understandable. Then, it is time for gathering all the solutions, choosing the best ones and creating a plan for a prototype on that basis. On the fourth day, we work on a prototype and set everything up for testing. The last day equals interviews with an audience. We invite representatives of your future audience, show them a prototype and ask previously established questions. Then, the team gathers their feedback, analyzes it and decides what you need to do next.

Google Design Sprint provides you with a product roadmap, Value Proposition, tested prototype of your idea and real users feedback. After that, you can proceed to creating your product with minimized risk and a lot of knowledge.

Sounds good? Let’s organize a Design Sprint together and validate your product idea in a week!

Product Design Step By Step

1. Analysis and Workshops

We work together to learn the most efficient way to fulfill your business and users’ needs.

First, we need to know you better. We analyze your business, market and target audience. Our team needs to learn about requirements your app has to meet and goals your business needs to achieve with the product. After the analysis, we will be able to make data-driven decisions.

2. Wireframing and Prototype

Designers work on the first looks of your app. The team creates a clickable prototype.

Our designers create first mock-ups and wireframes of your application. On that basis, developers prepare a clickable prototype of your app that can be presented to real users. You gather feedback and set up further steps, risk-free and with minimum investment.

3. UX design

It’s time to craft delightful experiences for your users.

UX designers create experiences for your users. The goal is to provide them with additional value, flawless experience and increase their engagement. UX emerges as a way to meet your users needs. If you provide them with excellent experience, they will come back for more.

4. UI design

Now, our designers create a visual identity of your app, having in mind your business goals.

We create an interface tailored to your app’s future functionalities and features which we established during analysis and workshops. UI is also focused on users. Interface should be understandable, easy-to-use and interact with, enjoyable. Responsive design allows you to present an app on every platform and device you want. During this stage, designers also prepare a set of rules for further appliance to guarantee a consistent look to your app.

5. Development and Testing

It’s time for the front-end developers to take action. They will write the code to make it all reality.

Now, front-end developers receive guidelines from the UX/UI team and rewrite them into a code. It’s good to delegate development to the same company that created designs for you, because it guarantees frictionless communication and better understanding. During this step, every part of the interface and the code is manually and automatically tested. As a consequence, you will receive a bug-free product. Besides the frontend, your app also needs a solid backend, which we provide. We create products in an agile way, dividing the whole process into two-week sprints. After each sprint, we present to you the progress and gather your feedback. You keep a finger on the pulse and have access to all necessary tools. After the project ends, we deploy the app to app stores and you can count on our support.

The intuitive app to make OTIS technicians’ work easier and enable direct selling

In cooperation with OTIS, we took on the challenge of creating a prototype of a mobile application for their technicians. Our purpose was to make it easier and faster for mechanics to register and organize their work, but also to allow them to sell parts through the app. Thanks to a workshop and close cooperation, we created an easy-to-use mobile app that allows OTIS technicians to work more efficiently. 

“To build a masterpiece you need to combine design with development and add a spoon of experience. If you want to make your idea come true fast, Appstronauts are the people to talk to. I would strongly recommend this team.”

Marek Rodkiewicz, Digital PM at OTIS Elevator Comapny

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