Quality Assurance

Eliminate risks and ensure an excellent user experience with our Quality Assurance team

Quality Assurance

Create a perfect product with a QA team who is an integral part of your project since the very beginning. Our QA engineers ensure the highest quality of your product overall by controlling if the progress meets the requirements. They test every feature of your app, predict and spot various issues, are the guardians of security, usability, performance and suggest improvements regarding aspects like UX or UI. 

We conduct various types of software testing for web and mobile applications, including manual tests, automated tests and usability tests. Manual tests are performed using real devices, not emulators. Only that kind of approach allows the QA team to assess the app’s compatibility with various devices, operating systems and OS’ versions. 

Using best practices, our QA engineers spot problems early or manage risks and predict errors in the way they are entirely avoided. It results in increasing the app development speed. The QA team also locates areas in your software that can be optimized: features that can work more efficiently by using fewer resources. Modifying your code leads to better performance.

Bugs can be detected during the whole software development lifecycle. And the earlier a team identifies them, the easier and less expensive it is to fix them. Small errors in the early stage of development can cause severe complications in the future. That is why our QA specialists are integrated into each step of the app development process.

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Our QA specialists work with you since the beginning of our cooperation, learning about your requirements. They make sure the app meets your business needs. The team analyzes your clients’ expectations and review if the product meets them. Their goal is to advise better options. After the analysis, they provide feedback to developers, who immediately know what needs to be rewritten.

We use an exploratory approach to testing. It means that our tests are not created in advance, as general scripts to follow. Instead, we simultaneously establish a process that fits a particular case and execute a test at the same time. Exploratory tested products are flawless. The approach enables us to find more bugs and spot those that normally are ignored. It also encourages creativity, so our QA specialists generate new ideas and solutions during the process. Therefore, we are able to improve your product in various ways. 

Our QA team follows the best practices of code review. They define quality standards and Quality Gates – a list of checks product needs to pass to move to the next phase. We test the performance of each component, find out if the installation process and entering user data are flawless, and if your app doesn’t drain the device’s battery.

Even if the most experienced developers create your app, it still needs testing. By choosing a complete, dedicated team, you actually save time and money. Why? Because your developers spend more time writing code and implementing features, moving the project forward. And the QA team uses a unique set of skills. They have a lot of knowledge about user behaviour and know how to mimic it while running tests. Our QA engineers are also specialized in data security and compliance standards. The team knows how to make your app super secure. 

If the app crashed during account setting or logging in, users will most probably delete it from their phones. To amaze your target audience, you need a crash-free app. And the highest, bug-free performance is crucial to create the best user experience. Choose a complete, dedicated team to focus on your product and deliver the best solution.

Timely and high-quality releases

Reduced development cost

Delightful user experience

Excellent product quality


Stable and bug-free app

Automated Software Testing

Special testing software allows us to perform automated tests of your app. It accelerates the process without any sacrifices. Automated tests cover all aspects: usability, performance, security and functional testing. We make sure every feature and functionality doesn’t have any flaws. Automated testing also allows us to predict risks and spot interface problems.

Manual Software Testing

QA specialists from our team have the expert knowledge to predict and mimic user’s behaviour. We combine it with testing software only on actual devices: a variety of platforms and operating systems. Team members put themselves in the user’s shoes and go through many scenarios checking if the software behaves flawlessly from the user’s perspective. There are too many variables, and emulators do not detect many problems. 

Requirements testing

QA specialists are present when we establish your project specifications. One of the team’s jobs is to check out if project requirements fit your business needs.

Usability testing

Usability tests are performed by UX and UI designers. They check out with the target audience if your app is easy-to-use and user experience is flawless.

Functional testing

One of the responsibilities of our QA team is to check if each app’s functionality is created in compliance with established requirements and specifications.

Performance testing

QA specialists stay on guard of your app’s performance. They not only provide the highest speed and startup times but also find out if a product can handle user pikes.

Testing on actual devices

We manually test your app on actual devices, not emulators. It’s the only way to be sure that a product works correctly on every device, platform and OS version.

Security testing

QA engineers also make sure your app meets the security standards. All security flaws and vulnerabilities are detected and fixed during the process. Your app is bulletproof.

Quality Assurance Services

Full-cycle testing

QA specialists are integrated into your project from the very beginning. First, they take part in establishing product requirements and check if they fit your needs. Then, they test every small part of your app at each stage of the development process. Finally, they test the whole product. We can predict risks and spot problems as early as possible and, as a consequence, save your time and money.

Web application testing

We need to be sure that a web app we build will be fast, secure and reliable. That is why the QA team is an integral part of the process. Quality Assurance specialists reduce the web application development cost by predicting risks and finding bugs in the early stages. They make sure your app is highly secure and fast.

QA Consulting Services

Our experts can help you develop an overall quality assurance strategy: eliminate risks, reduce costs, ensure excellent user experience and create high-quality software. QA team will investigate your business needs and your product. We can help you audit the current quality of your app and set up a better quality assurance process.

Mobile application testing

During the mobile app development process, our team tests your product on a variety of platforms and devices. We use devices with various system’s versions. That way, we make sure your mobile app provides flawless experience regardless of the platform and system’s version your target audience uses. And that allows you to reach a far broader audience with an excellent product.

Steps for a Stable and Bug-free App

That’s the process every feature of your app goes through:

1. Coding

A developer writes a code – your app’s feature comes to life. After the feature is finished, its status is changed, and it’s handed over for testing.


2. Peer code review

Before the code goes to a QA team, it needs to be checked by at least one developer. After the review, the code is passed further for automated testing.

3. Automated tests

QA team checks out if everything works well, the code meets all the requirements, security standards, and if the UI components are integrated correctly.

4. Deployment

The feature is released and delivered for manual testing. The team presents it to you during the demo day, so you also can test it on your device.


5. Manual tests

QA specialists perform manual tests on various platforms and devices, mimicking user’s behaviour. They check performance, UI and look for any bugs.

No bugs spotted or everything fixed. The feature is ready.

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