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Web App Development

A flawless and intuitive web application crafted to business and audience will take your company to the next level and increase your revenue. All you need is a dedicated team who creates a beautiful web design and a high-quality code. And we provide that.

At Appstronauts, we build solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. What sets us apart is open communication, efficient work process, and treating our clients as partners. While other software houses keep focus on delivering task after task, we focus on delivering tasks which provide valuable output for your business. Working with us, you get a dedicated team that consists of:
– UX Designer
– UI Designer
– Frontend Developer
– Backend Developer
– QA Specialist
– Project Manager

Engaging UI and flawless UX delight your users and make them come back. A strong backend is a foundation of your web app. Best-suited technologies make it reliable. Well-chosen frontend frameworks provide your users with excellent interactions and speed up the process of web application development. To have all that, you need a dedicated team working together towards your goal. That is why we provide you with one: the team size can be adjusted to your needs, as well as our engagement model. Let us deliver a first-class web application crafted for your specific case.

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Start working on your project right now with a team that covers every step of your web application development. From workshops, through design and development, to launch and maintenance. We offer you a holistic approach.  

We use only battle-tested tools, like .NET or node.js for backend, and Angular for frontend development. Chosen solutions allow us to increase the development speed and provide the highest app’s performance. We tested many tools and chose the most powerful ones that bring the most benefits to our clients. To host the apps, our team uses Microsoft Azure Cloud, AWS and Google Cloud. To scale our apps easier, we choose Google Firebase platform. We love to craft Progressive Web Apps because they are a future-proof solution, immune to changing platforms and devices. 

Want to optimize processes, build a new product, reach new markets? Our experts will consult you and help you choose the best technology stack for your case. Tell us what you need, and we will provide a solution.

Progressive Web Apps

Backend Solutions


frontend experience



Technology Stack

These are the battle-tested technologies we excel at. We’ve carefully chosen them to create fast, scalable and secure web applications.

.net development

The most flexible and secure backend framework, providing many inbuilt functionalities to increase the development speed. Works with trending Microsoft Azure cloud.


A backend JavaScript framework known for providing the highest app performance. With Node.js, one JavaScript team can take care of both frontend and backend of your web application.


It’s a frontend framework that offers a complete set of top-quality solutions and components to create fast and scalable web applications. It allows for high responsiveness and performance.


One code works for any platform, device and browser, and it works offline. Choose Progressive Web App development to appear on the market quickly and cost-efficiently.

Progressive Web Apps

One product works on every platform, device and browser you want, from mobile to desktop, and it works offline. You get apps and a responsive mobile website in one. It’s the easiest and the fastest way to reach your target audience. That is why we recommend Progressive Web App development to our clients. They are resistant to any market or device changes in the future. 3 months is the time that separates you from presenting your product or service to all web and mobile users worldwide.

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How does it work? While creating a Progressive Web App, a development team writes only one code. The code works on the web, iOS, Android, Windows, and on any device: computer, phone, tablet, gaming console. You reach people on the web and also mobile platforms instantly.

Progressive Web Apps at their core are websites. Their superpower is that they invite you to add them to your phone’s home screen. And when launched from there, they look and act like any other mobile app on your device. Also, the massive advantage of PWAs is that you can access them with a slow internet connection, and almost every functionality is available offline.

PWAs are fast, light and reliable. What is more, they provide responsive web development. Your app adapts to each device’s screen and looks excellent. PWAs also offer various marketing opportunities. Google indexes them so they are visible in Google Search like any website. They also have access to native device’s features and can send push notifications to users even when the browser is closed.

Benefit from these opportunities. Talk to our experts and find out if Progressive Web App development fits your case.

The Road to Your Success Story

1. Business Analysis and Workshops

We begin with knowing your idea, business and market inside-out. During workshops, together we work out the best development direction for your product.

To start your project successfully, first, we need to dive deeply into the whole context and break your idea down. Learn about your business, background, market. Understand your vision, expectations and goals. That way, our experts will be able to advise you about the right direction and growth possibilities. We also organize workshops to validate your product-market fit, analyze audience, create value propositions and set up goals. Then, our experts determine all the functionalities needed and prepare the development roadmap. We choose the most efficient technology stack and establish project timelines. After that, our UX/UI design team is ready to jump in.

2. UX and UI Design

Designers craft experiences and interface tailored to your users' needs. Intuitive design is what attracts users to your web app, and flawless UX will make them come back.

At this stage, designers work on the visual side of your app, following assumptions established during workshops, documentation and requirements. The team also counts on your feedback. Product design is a thoughtful process when our specialists craft experiences. The beautiful interface is what attracts users, and extraordinary experience keeps them coming back to you.

3. App Development and Testing

Our team develops your app in two-week sprints. Each one pushes your product forward. QA specialists test your app multiple times to make sure it's bug-free and perfectly-working.

Frontend and backend developers, supervised by a technical leader, start to write your web application’s code. We can start with an MVP, the first version of your app with only main functionality, gather feedback, and then create a final product. 

We keep the code easy to maintain so any changes can be made quickly and effortlessly. Code review is a crucial part of the process. We perform manual tests, automated tests, usability tests and peer code reviews. Once the application is ready, Quality Assurance specialists also test it on various types of devices.

Our web app development process is based on the Agile and Scrum.Project Manager creates a backlog with all the tasks and divides them into two-week sprints. We run regular meetings,  and every sprint ends up with a demo day when we gather your feedback. You get access to our project management tool, Jira, where you can track the progress and check out time reports. We stay in touch via Slack. Organizing the process like that keeps you in the loop and allows us to maintain full transparency.

4. Maintenance and Support

After the launch, we plan further steps and updates together. We kept the code maintainable so it’s easy to make any change now. You always have our support.

The product is ready for launch after your approval. Then, we deploy it to app stores. The source code is transferred to you, along with the IP rights. Together we plan the next steps: updates or further development. We analyze your audience’s feedback and make amendments if needed. You have our full support after the launch.

Asap: a modern marketplace connecting carriers with shippers to increase their profits

Asap combines a digital transportation marketplace and a supportive community. To start their operations on the market, the company needed a dashboard and two perfectly-designed applications, understandable and transparent to both target groups. Cooperation with real users and choosing the right technologies allowed us to create an extraordinary tool and begin building community around it.

Not only do they understand the programming side of the project, but they also grasp our business needs.
Krzysztof Krężelewski, CEO at Asap Technology Sp. z o.o.

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