About us

We’re a team of passionates who love working together and share a common goal: do our best to create a success story for your business. We would like to become your long-term technological partner and help you on the way to digitization. But first, get to know us a little better.

Who We Are

We’re a software development company from Poland, with offices located in Warsaw and Manchester, who provides dedicated teams and custom app development services. All of us cherish the highest quality of products we deliver, flawless work organization and transparency in communication. We think that being honest, responsible and transparent is crucial for a successful partnership. We want to be a technological partner you can rely on.


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Our Values

We share common values which guide us through every project. 

Never settle for average

Great just isn’t good enough, do work you can be proud of


Stay hungry, always try to get deeper, develop your knowledge

Quality over quantity

Focus on quality, not on quantity. Provide value for our clients

Embrace discipline

We keep our promises and never let our colleagues or customers down

Our Mission

Become a European leader in digital transformation.

We want to guide as many companies as we can through the digital transformation process and share our knowledge with them to build a modern, high-tech, innovative world together. Our goal is to craft high-quality software to allow companies digitize, optimize processes and grow with the use of the newest technologies. We deliver change that solves problems, leads to more efficiency, security and profitability, in an environment of partnership and mutual trust.

Our Vision

Be a long-term technological partner for innovators and entrepreneurs on their way to digitization and bringing technologies closer to people.

We want to become an appreciated technological partner who delivers change with the use of technology. To achieve that, we analyze the needs of each client’s business individually, apply know-how from various fields and hire qualified, responsible people. All of that to deliver innovation to people all over the world.

Why choose us?

Every project is a journey we take together with our clients. We offer you partnership, efficiency and safety:

Dedicated teams

We provide you with a dedicated team adjusted to your project’s needs. Our teams consist of UX/UI designers, frontend developers, backend developers and QA specialists.

Agile driven

We organize our projects according to Agile/Scrum, which means efficiency and transparency. You have an important role in this process: we count on your feedback after every major release.


You gain access to project management tools like Jira, where you can track the progress and check time logs. We present the progress to you during the demo day, every two weeks.

Open communication

Our team communicates with you directly via Slack. You can send us a message any time you want and get a quick response. We can also set up a video call or a face-to-face meeting whenever you need to.


We can easily scale the team up or down, according to your needs. Developers keep the code maintainable, so the changes are easy to make. If your requirements alter with time, we can make decisions and react quickly.


Our contract with you is carefully crafted. We sign an NDA so your idea is safe. Our specialists take care of data protection and we implement contractual penalties in case of delays because of our fault.

Already know the Details of your project?

Various passions and abilities. Shared mission and values. And the common goal: delivering success-stories for our clients. Meet the team of fellows who will work hard towards your success.