Team as a service

Are you looking for a development team to help you deliver software projects? Experienced software development teams ready to contribute to your project.

Team as a service offer

Professional development teams are key to your success

Hiring your own development team may be a challenge. With growing demand for IT services, recruitment is harder than ever. Having an in-house team is convenient but it also comes with many additional resources, responsibilities and time for other things than work only (holidays, sick notes, team building events, internal company operations and so on). If you rely on augmented staff, you only pay for the work done.

Choosing the team from Appstronauts, you get an experienced development team, top-class quality based on years of experience and overall contentment of cooperation.


Want to complete a project on time and cost-effectively?
Put on our expertise and pick necessary resources!

Team as a service model of cooperation delivers you an essential team
to bring your project to life! 

Build development teams on-demand – Team as a service offer

Build a development team that will deliver your project and will be run and managed by Appstronauts. You do not need to care about self-directed employment nor external specialists from other software houses managed internally by you. No more headaches regarding management, offices, equipment, infrastructure nor any other limitations. Concentrate on your own deliveries and gain a team that will take care of every aspect of software development.

Appstronauts offers a tailored-made TaaS solution specifically designed for businesses with specific requirements that is highly efficient. Take a chance on a team as a service offer and stop wasting more time on unnecessary recruitments. Pick resources, sign a contract and speed up the development process – within days, not months!


Quick & easy onboarding


Cost effective

Managed externally

Technical lead

Trust the process
of Team as a service offer

STEP 1 - Requirements Gathering

During an initial meeting we gather all your requirements and determine possibilities of cooperation. We also explain how our process looks like, what resources are available, discuss all the expectations, as well as time and budget estimations.

STEP 2 - Engineers selection

We individually select the right specialists who create your new development team according to technologies, seniority, expertise, accessibility and more. Once the team is accepted and the contract is signed, it is our time to shine in your project!

STEP 3 - Delivery

With the stated date and terms, teams are at your service working as your own in-house development teams with all the advantages of outsourcing, Scrum processes, team management on our side and reports on the work. Congratulations!

Hire development teams
within days, not months!

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