Custom Software Development and Design Services

We provide dedicated teams who support you at every stage of app development life-cycle: from ideation, through design and development, to app deployment and support. Together we’ll respond to your market needs, optimize internal processes, increase your revenue. Choose a long-term partner that has all the talents you need in one place.

Mobile Development

We provide custom iOS and Android mobile app development services. Our developers deliver flawless frontend and reliable backend using the best, battle-tested tools, beneficial for our clients. Shorten time to market and save money with a high-performance, secure, scalable mobile app created with the top-notch technologies.

Web Development

Our developers create secure, scalable web applications tailored to your business goals. Choose Progressive Web App development to reach users on the web, Android and iOS with one future-proof product that saves your time and money. Tell us about your needs, and we will advise you on the best solution for web application development.

Digital Transformation

Change existing models and invite new technologies to your company to innovate and stay competitive. Our specialists will analyze your case identify gaps and recommend the best solutions to create a new experience for your customers and employees, cut costs, increase revenue or improve security. Then we will implement them together.

Product Design

We deliver modern designs focused on your users and business goals. Our product design team will take comprehensive care of your app’s look and feel, combining delightful User Experience with smooth and intuitive User Interface. We also offer consulting and design sprint workshops. Let’s craft a product your target audience will love.

Quality Assurance

Our QA specialists shorten the development time by preventing issues upfront. Testing also allows us to spot possible improvements. We make sure every feature of your app is bug-free checking it throughout the whole process. The goal is to provide users with a reliable product, flawless experience and deliver your app without delays.

Cloud & DevOps

Continuous deployment and continuous integration are techniques we use to provide you with excellent speed and scalability of development. That way, we can deploy new features quickly and release the whole application faster. Our DevOps engineers use cloud solutions to securely host your app and boost efficiency even more. 

Our Process Designed to Save Your Time and Money

1. Workshops

First, we validate your idea and discover the needs of your business, market and audience.

Starting the project with workshops keeps us all on the same page, focused on your goal. It allows us to precisely understand your idea and discover your business, market and audience needs. That way we can advise you on the best growth possibilities and come up with innovative ideas. During workshops, together we validate your product market fit, create user personas, value propositions and a map of your application with all the functionalities needed. We choose the technology stack for your project and you decide if you want to begin with an MVP or start working on the full-featured product.

2. Product Design

Our designers craft excellent user experience and an amazing interface to impress your target audience and make them come back.

Designers create wireframes based on project specifications and then craft User Experience and User Interface. Everything is done with your audience needs and business goal in mind. UX and UI designers are a part of your dedicated development team. It means that the communication between designers and developers takes place with no disruptions. There’s no friction in providing UX/UI guidelines and passing the project further.

3. App Development

Your app is developed in two-week Scrum sprints. The process is transparent, we constantly push the project forward and keep you in the loop.

We organize the development process with the Agile/Scrum methodology. It allows us to maintain the highest transparency, efficiency and regularly present to you new app builds. The sprints last two weeks and after each one of them, we meet at a video conference, present you new features and gather your feedback. We use tools like Jira, where you can track the progress, and Slack to communicate. Our frontend and backend developers keep the code easily-maintainable so we can react quickly to changing requirements. We can start your project with creating an MVP – the first, simple version of your app, with only one functionality – to get you on the market as quickly as possible, and then, work on the final product.

4. Testing

Quality Assurance specialists take care of your app’s quality from the beginning of the process, performing manual and automated tests.

QA specialists are part of your app development team from the very beginning. The goal is to prevent issues upfront and spot bugs immediately when they appear. Small issues at the beginning of the process, can transform into big ones later. That is why we test all the elements of your app already after they are created. Quality assurance, automated tests, peer code reviews, usability tests: we make sure everything works perfectly and is error-free. A code review is a crucial part of our development process.

5. Launch and Maintenance

Your app is ready when you accept the final product. After the launch, we start to monitor its performance.

When the development and testing are finished, and you’ve accepted the final effect, we are ready to deploy your app. Then, we gather and analyze users’ feedback. If anything is wrong, we immediately fix it. Your app needs regular updates and maintenance services, and we provide that, supporting you all the way. We kept the code easy to maintain, so now any changes are easy to make. If you want to expand your product, that is the time when we set up further steps.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

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