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The intuitive app to make OTIS technicians’ work easier and enable direct selling

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In cooperation with OTIS, we took on the challenge of creating a prototype of a mobile application for their technicians. Our purpose was to make it easier and faster for mechanics to register and organize their work, but also to allow them to sell parts through the app. Thanks to a workshop and close cooperation, we created an easy-to-use mobile app that allows OTIS technicians to work more efficiently. 


OTIS company is a designer and a leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks, and also a pioneer in that field. There are 1.9 million OTIS elevators in the world and OTIS technicians install and maintain them every day. Mechanics, who are handling small maintenance issues with passenger and freight elevators, need a special mobile app to organize their work.


Although, the problem was that their app was difficult to use and didn’t provide all the functionalities needed. In consequence, these formalities were taking OTIS technicians too much time and had a negative impact on their efficiency.

The company approached us with the need to create an app that would meet all technicians’ needs. In the app, they should be able to register working hours, identify parts, perform estimates, order services, accept jobs and also directly sell parts needed to perform the particular repair. It should also have a calendar so that every mechanic would know what jobs are assigned to him a particular day.

Our challenge was associated with understanding the requirements of OTIS technicians to develop a product that will solve their problems. We needed to design an app that would be intuitive and easy-to-use for them, with splendid User Experience, to improve and facilitate mechanics’ everyday work.


The project was divided into two stages: a creative workshop and designing a mobile app. At the workshop, we met with OTIS company representatives, who were responsible for that project; application users – mechanics; and people, who could help to create full-valued products thanks to their experience and competencies. The workshop was conducted interactively, using the Design Sprint method created by Google. We also used creative problem solving and game-storming techniques, as well as a Design Thinking approach.

The next step was to design a mobile app in accordance with a previously created concept. The application’s mock-ups were designed in Sketch. Then mock-ups were transformed into graphics, and on that basis, we created a clickable prototype. We tested the prototype on real users and then modified it according to their feedback to suit their needs better.

Business results

Thanks to the workshop, we designed an app that is easy-to-use, intuitive and significantly improves OTIS mechanics’ working process. Consultations and the prototype allowed us to fully respond to technicians’ needs, solving all their previous problems.

What client say?

To build a masterpiece, you need to combine design with development and add a spoon of experience. If you want to make your idea come true fast, Appstronauts are the people to talk to. I would strongly recommend this team.
Marek Rodkiewicz, Digital PM at OTIS Elevator Company

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