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Smartfix30 offers a tool that digitizes the process of customer relations and is used by top telecommunication, retail and utility companies in France. The SAAS platform created by our team allows Smartfix30’s clients to easily plan their technician’s visits, be more available to customers, and therefore, considerably improve their experience.


Smartfix30 is a startup that came to us at the very beginning of its market operations. They wanted to build a tool that could be used by the biggest players to connect with their clients in need of technical service and “uberize” the whole process. Our cooperation resulted in transforming a startup into a market leader. But let’s go back to the beginning.

Project Details

Platform users

3.1 mln +

Using the app on daily basis


Onsite visits

2.2 mln+


The process of ordering technicians’ visits wasn’t efficient in many companies. Customers needed to reach a consultant to schedule a visit. Companies didn’t have enough control over their manpower and the processes were inefficient. Smartfix30 decided to provide a tool to change it. 

Our challenge was to create a platform that would carry the highest traffic, be reliable, scalable and highly secure. It needed to serve the biggest brands. Our developers had to meet the tight deadline to help Smartfix30 get on the market and test their solution quickly.


The project started with workshops to break Smartfix30’s idea down and learn more about their future clients’ needs. The research resulted with a few innovative ideas and discovering more growth possibilities. 

The time was precious, so our team recommended using a cross-platform approach. Organizing the project with Scrum helped us to speed up even more. We were demonstrating the results after each sprint, reacting flexibly to needed modifications. That way, we were able to deliver an MVP in 3 months, gather feedback and take the project to the next level.

The result of our team’s efforts was a complex SAAS platform containing technician’s mobile app, web app for customers, scalable API and real-time dashboard for monitoring visits. We based the platform on a reliable and highly scalable infrastructure that guarantees a smooth experience. It handles even the largest amounts of traffic. We also equipped the apps with super-efficient processes to offer Smartfix30’s clients not only a way to improve their customer experience but also to save time and money.

Business results

The platform revolutionized the French market and allowed a startup to begin successful cooperation with the biggest players. Smartfix30 signed contracts with top companies in France, like Bouygues Telecom. Over 11k technicians are using the app daily, thousands of visits are monitored every day, and the platform has more than 3.1 mln users. 

Smartfix30’s clients love the solution – it’s reliable and allows them to save money thanks to efficient processes. That is why Smartfix30 decided to begin their expansion to other European countries now – still with our help.

What client say?

„Appstronauts team help us to develop Smartfix SaaS Platform which aim to digitalised field agent tools and improve end-customer experience. We work daily with a dedicated team and their reactivity is one of the key point I enjoy the most.”
Maxence Taieb, Head of Product & Senior PM at Smartfix30

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