The Largest Sporting Goods Retailer

Intuitive App to Optimize Back Office’s Work and Allow Same Day Delivery Service

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The largest sporting goods retailer from France came to us with the need for a mobile app to optimize the back office’s work and connect their concept stores in Poland. They wanted to launch the “same-day delivery” service and needed an app to facilitate product shipment from one local store to another.


Our client’s concept stores were losing clients and money due to limited merchandise caused by a small area. The company wanted to launch the same-day delivery service so that the staff could check a product’s availability in different local stores and bring it to theirs within hours. 

Our challenge was to create an optimized process in the app to not only enable the service but also make it time and money efficient. We needed to provide flawless UX and UI. Time and budget were strictly limited.


From the beginning, our client participated in meetings and workshops. That allowed us to understand the company’s needs and the way they work. Together we elaborated a smooth shipment process and established functions the app needed to exactly fit the company’s requirements.

Then, the key was to choose the right technologies. Having time and budget limits in mind, we convinced our client to develop a Progressive Web App. PWAs can be developed a lot faster and are more versatile. Sales assistants access the app through a website or install it on their mobile devices, no matter if they use iOS or Android. It’s a convenient, future-proof solution. 

Organizing the project with Scrum allowed us to deliver a PWA quickly and transparently. We put much work to intuitive and flawless UX/UI design. After 3 months of work, we equipped our client with a versatile app that allowed them to launch same day delivery service and save money thanks to a super optimized process.

Business results

An MVP is already successfully used in concept stores in Warsaw. Ability to launch the same day delivery service stopped the company from losing clients and opened a possibility for additional revenue. As a result, they increased their sales volume by 30%. Intuitive steps in the app and easy-to-use interface optimized sales assistants’ work, which contributes to saving time and money.

What client say?

Appstronauts used Agile methodology, and the whole work was divided into sprints. We could track the progress in Jira, and after each sprint, new features were presented to us during a demo. The team appreciated our feedback and implemented every suggestion. The whole project was well-organized, and the process was very effective.”
Bartosz Żochowski, Store Manager at The Largest Sporting Goods Retailer

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