HarmonyOS Officially Presented: Huawei Announced the New OS for Their Devices

August 9, 2019
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Huawei officially presented their new original operating system. During HOC 2019 (Huawei Developers Conference), they announced HarmonyOS, previously known in China as Hongmeng.

HarmonyOS Announced

Huawei’s HarmonyOS will be available for many devices: smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart TVs, PCs, intelligent speakers, wireless headphones. The system’s main target are IoT devices. Initially, it will appear on devices with intelligent screens that will come on the market this year: Honor Vision TVs. The roadmap Huawei’s presented says that this year version 1.0 will enter the market, next year – 2.0, and in 2021 – 3.0. 

The system is going to be 60% faster than Android and also more secure. HarmonyOS will be the open-source platform used on devices with small operational memory and also with the ones that have many gigabytes. Huawei said that it will support HTML5, Linux and Android apps. 

Earlier this year, Google banned Huawei from using Android, which was the effect of Huawei appearing on the US entity list. HarmonyOS is Huawei’s answer.

One of the versions of coming soon Huawei Mate 30 Lite may be created with HarmonyOS on board. Huawei claims that they are going to still develop smartphones with Android, and HarmonyOS is only an alternative. Although, if they won’t regain full access to Android, there’s of course a possibility to switch to their OS.

Third Mobile OS on the Market

We can’t escape from associations with Microsoft, Samsung, and their operational systems failures. Is HarmonyOS going to prove that there is a place for the third mobile OS on the market?

There is also the question about mobile apps for HarmonyOS. Since now, Huawei didn’t give any specific details about technologies needed to write or even adapt the app to their original platform. It will be convenient if Android apps will be compatible with the platform. Otherwise, developers will need to write separate apps for Android, iOS and HarmonyOS, which will affect the process’ length and costs. Currently, it seems that the best option for business owners and startups is to invest in a Progressive Web App. Developed once, it then acts on every device and platform without any changes. Huawei needs to confirm that HarmonyOS will support PWAs, but this solution anyway seems to be the safest option now. Appstronauts will follow this topic for you!


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