Appstronauts Announces Rami Wazni as New Managing Partner to Expand North American Presence

February 28, 2023
Rami Wazni as New Managing Partner at Appstronauts

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Today, we’re excited to share some exciting news straight from Appstronauts. We’re happy to announce that we have a new managing partner on board – Rami Wazni. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into Wazni’s background and experience, as well as what this means for us and our clients. 


Rami Wazni Brings Over Two Decades of Experience to our Europe-Based Software Development Company

We are thrilled to welcome Rami Wazni as our new managing partner. With nearly 25 years of experience in the software development industry, Wazni will be responsible for overseeing our North American division and helping to expand our presence in the region. 


Wazni’s Impressive Background in Software Development

Wazni has an impressive background in software development, starting his career in 1999 at eWanted Corp. He played an integral role in developing the site, which became the first reverse auction service on the internet to achieve over one million users. Wazni then went on to found Clearleads, a real estate marketing technology company, before becoming the CEO of Inikosoft, Incorporated, a Silicon Valley-based digital agency he founded, along with AI-driven search engine optimization firm, Bay Area SEO Group. 


Rami Wazni Excited to Help Us Expand in North America

“I am thrilled to join Appstronauts and help them cultivate a greater presence in North America,” said Wazni. “With increased demand for mobile and web applications, companies need to expand their teams so they can quickly scale their software development initiatives. Appstronauts is the right partner for them.”


Wazni’s Experience in Building Software Development Teams and Strategic Partnerships

Wazni has a wealth of experience in forming software development teams and leading strategic partnerships across various industries. During his presence at Inikosoft, he has overseen projects in different industries: financial, medical, pharmaceutical, legal, consulting, regional businesses, and start-ups.


Building the Right Teams is Key to Success 

“Building the right teams is the key to success,” stated Wazni. “I believe in Appstronauts team and their mission, and I cannot wait to help them foster growth in new markets.”


In conclusion, we are excited to have Rami Wazni join us as our new managing partner. With his extensive experience in software development and building successful teams and partnerships, we are confident that Wazni will help us expand our presence in North America and beyond.

Welcome on board Rami! 

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