MVP – a Simple Way to Put Innovation on the Market Quickly

February 20, 2019

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What Is MVP in App Development?

MVP – Minimum Viable Product – is a first, compact version of an app, that contains just enough features to satisfy the initial users and collect feedback.

MVP for Startups: Test Your Idea And Win The Market

The most frequent startups’ issues are lack of market needs and not enough money. MVP solves both of them, allowing you to get the real users’ feedback about your idea and assess the cost of building a full-featured version. The fewer features you want to include, the less time it takes. And that decreases the costs, making it affordable for new, innovative companies.

MVP for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises or Corporations: Get Innovative And Refresh Your Image

Is MVP a solution only for startups? The answer is: no. SMEs and corporations also can benefit from that idea.

MVP for Existing Companies

MVP for Enterprises

Ask yourself what is more important for your business: developing a full version of an app or showing up in the market as fast as possible? Think carefully about your app idea, write down all functionalities you want and consider if every one of them is crucial from the start. Choosing MVP first allows you to verify your idea and business potential as fast as possible, that is why this solution is so recommended.

If you want to create MVP, you need to identify your target market and the essential features of an app. At Appstronauts we’ll be glad to help you with planning everything and developing MVP that fits your market. We may build a dedicated team or provide particular specialists who will help you expand your idea. Send an e-mail to and make your dream about creating an app come true!


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