Why Poland Is One Of the Best Places For IT Outsourcing?

December 12, 2018
Poland IT outsourcing

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If you think about creating mobile app, web app or another kind of software, you certainly wonder if it’s better to build your own team of programmers or to decide for outsourcing. And regarding outsourcing, which country can provide you with developers who have the knowledge and communication skills combined with the best price? During the last years, Poland has become one of the top IT outsourcing destinations in the world, especially because of the quality and advantageous price. Why nowadays is Poland one of the best places to outsource software development? Discover the most important reasons!

Why Outsourcing of Software Development Is Beneficial?

To outsource software development instead of creating your own team can cut your costs significantly. In order to build your own in-house team of developers, you need to hire a few new employees for full time and with high pay. Their rates and value of their knowledge depend on a product you plan to create. New employees need office space, proper tools, modern equipment, and also a team of testers to cooperate with. There are many expenses related to creating your own team. In case of startups and small or medium enterprises these costs seem to be unviable, and sometimes even unattainable.

A solution to these problems is to outsource. Outsourcing allows hiring an external team in the size and scope you need for the implementation of your project and also only for the time that implementation lasts. You don’t need to worry about additional costs connected for example with hardware or employees insurances. You also gain full control over expenses and can focus on critical business functions, at the same time benefiting from the knowledge of experts. Cooperating with a team of external developers you may count on professional solutions, partnership, advice, and assistance.

Outsourcing gives you a chance to place innovative products on the market quickly and cost-efficiently. You also derive from the knowledge of experts and cooperate on the principles of trust and partnership. To succeed, you need to choose the best software development company for your project.

Why Should You Choose Poland For Your Software Development?

Poland is the 6th largest country in the European Union, and Warsaw is the capital of the country and a huge IT hub. In the last years, the country has become a regional leader of the CEE and the rising star in IT outsourcing.

The biggest global ICT players like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Cisco opened their offices in the cities with well developed IT structure like Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk. These places also provide best skilled IT specialists who speak startup language, know Agile and Scrum and love cutting-edge technologies.

Besides, Poland ranked first in the AHK survey of top investment locations in the CEE region, and it is considered one of the most attractive places for outsourcing in Europe. Companies that outsource software development to the region can save up to 50%.

Polish developers pride themselves with knowledge and enthusiastic attitude to implemented projects. Simultaneously, they offer competitive rates in comparison with Western Europe countries or the US, and provide the best quality possible confirmed by HackerRank rating and contests won. In a few last years, Poland earned recognition. Specialists and business owners recommend this destination for outsourcing IT services.

Below we present the 8 driving factors and the most important advantages of Polish development teams that make Poland one of the most popular IT outsourcing destinations in the world.

Excellent Programming Skills

Polish IT professionals get the highest ranks in international programming contests like the Microsoft Imagine Cup, TopCoder, Google Code Jam, Central European Programming Contest, ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Poland won the first ever Coding World Championship that took place in Helsinki in 2014. The team of Polish programmers won, beating over 2500 other teams, and was crowned the first world champions in coding.

Poland ranks 3rd in HackerRank. HackerRank is the platform for qualified developers where thousands of tasks are published. Every solution is graded concerning quality and speed. On that basis, they create a report: it shows what countries have the most skilled developers. There are over 1,5 mln of greatest developers on the platform and Poland ranks 3rd in the HackerRank report.

Poland also ranks 4th in a ranking published by TopCoder, where they participate in coding contests.

Strong Educational Background

Polish developers also have a strong educational background. 43% of people in Poland in the age of 25–34 have university degrees with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Therefore, Poland gains the second place in that category among all of the countries listed. They make 10% ICT specialists of all university graduates in the EU. According to HackerRank 2018 Developer Skills Report, Polish developers start learning to code quite early as compared to other countries (4th place after the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands). To be more specific, 7,7% of programmers start to code at the age of 5–10. We undoubtedly can pride ourselves with many coding geeks.

The University of Warsaw currently ranks 6th in the EECA ranking, and its Computer Science Faculty is one of the most prestigious ones. The faculty is well-known for multiple prizes won by students in last years. What is more, the Warsaw University of Technology is ranked 19th among 300 universities in Europe and central Asia. The institution is well-known for its study programs in English, which attract international students. Also, Jagiellonian University, one of the greatest Polish scientific centers, ranks 14th in EECA ranking. The university collaborates with other major scientific centers around the world.

Polish developers use cutting-edge technologies and are great with project management. Thanks to the knowledge and skills they have, the software they create always meets high standards and is quality assured. Polish teams provide clients with high-level coding and also with top organizational skills.

Competitive Pricing

Poland represents middle pricing in CEE, and its developers are a lot cheaper than ones from the UK, US, Germany or Sweden. Polish developers present relatively low labor costs combined with excellent skills.

It is also crucial that the price per hour indicator shows only the estimated cost of the project because it doesn’t include the length of it. You should notice that Polish developers use the best technologies and hardware, and also work with Agile and Scrum methods. Therefore, the whole project runs faster and flawless, which reduces the whole price. You can follow the progress on each step of the project and give your comments and observations. As a consequence, at the end developers provide you with a polished product, ready for the market.

Stable Economic Situation and Growing ICT Market

There’s a stable economic situation in Poland, especially because of the fact that the country held to its currency instead of adopting the euro and thanks to that avoided problems within the eurozone. When the global economy slowed down in 2009–2010, Poland was the only country that recorded growth in GBP. The economy in Poland grows faster than in most Central-Eastern Europe countries. Now the fastest growing sector is the business services one.

Also, the ICT market in Poland is growing. Many global companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Cisco, Intel, Samsung have their offices in Polish cities. Thanks to that Polish developers have massive experience in working with global technology companies.

Excellent Location and Favourable Time Zone

Polish development hubs are located within reach by a plane, and the flights are cheap. It allows not only to cut costs but also to spend less time traveling. The convenient location is a huge advantage because it allows to visit the development team, take part in a workshop, see people behind the code and build better relationships. Many software houses also have offices in various European cities. The meeting with the Polish team is really easy to manage. The location gives Poland significant leverage over f.ex. India. Outsourcing in that country could be cheaper regarding the work costs but is definitely more expensive regarding traveling.

In Poland, there is the same time zone as in Germany or the Netherlands. The time zone difference between Poland and the US is 6–9 hours which makes it easier to organize daily calls or stay in touch, and a difference between Poland and the UK is only 1 hour.

Similar Culture Meaning No Culture Gap

In Poland, there’s an understanding and sympathy for the Western Culture. When we need to communicate with the remote team, that quality becomes essential. Having similar cultural references can seriously improve communication and reduce friction. Polish culture is similar to the western one, so there are no such problems, primarily as compared to countries like China or India. Thanks to similarities it requires less effort to understand each other.

Great Communication Skills and High English Proficiency Level

In the report of EF, the largest global English language knowledge ranking which includes 72 countries, Poland achieved 11th place in Europe and 13th in the world with a high proficiency level and a high EPI EF score of 62,45 (the highest was 70,72).

Polish people usually study at least 2 foreign languages at school, mostly English, German or French. Fluent English is a standard among graduates and employees. Students polish their English language at all levels of education. What’s more, English is obligatory at IT studies.

You will have no trouble regarding communication with a Polish software house. Developers will get your point easily and include English comments to the high-quality code, making it easier to follow.

Exceptional Spirit: Ambitious and Hardworking

Polish developers love challenges: they rank 3rd in HackerRank ranking in “Countries that never give up” category.

People in Poland are honest and hardworking, love to help others is a national thing. They know how to work as a team, in an agile method, and they are great at making problems solved.

European Standards For Data Protection

Poland is the European Union member since 2004 which means that the data protection law in Poland has been adjusted to European requirements.

All Polish software houses are bound by regulations of the European Union and projects have to meet high security standards. You can be sure that a product developed in Poland will be GDPR-compliant and your customer data and invoice details will be safe.

Choose IT Outsourcing to Poland

The outsourcing of software development is an excellent choice for you if you want to cut your costs and get ahead of the competition placing an innovative product on the market quickly. If you seek for a reasonable price combined with excellent programming and communication skills with addition of great and transcendent project management — Poland is the best choice for you. Polish development teams are reliable tech partners with competitive rates, they are hardworking, honest, present high English proficiency level and excellent skills backed by education. Poland also lies in a favorable time zone, within reach by plane.

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