Business Digital Transformation: Creating New Value For Customers

Create new value for your customers and increase revenue with a well-thought digital transformation strategy.

With the rise of technologies, customers’ behaviour and expectations changed. They look forward to seamless experiences, personalized services, and the company’s high availability. Not offering that, you lose clients and stay behind the competition. 

Adapting new technologies allows you to create new communication channels and increase the brand’s reach. You can improve clients retention by providing proactive customer service, and increase ROI thanks to personalization. Digital transformation of your business can be done by offering web or mobile apps for customers, shifting or extending your business to e-commerce, or strengthening your online presence.

We provide you with a team that can analyze your case and establish how to create more value for customers. Together, we can redefine your customers’ experience and attract them with solutions based on solid data and technology. We will start with developing a well-thought digital transformation strategy for your company.

Let’s create new value for your customers together, improving various aspects gradually. Our digital transformation services cover the whole process. Choose a reliable, long-term technological partner to rethink and digitize the ways you reach the target audience.

Digital Transformation Process

Business and analysis

We start with a thorough analysis of your business, market and audience to spot possibilities for digital growth.

During this first step, we take a closer look at the value you offer to your target audience. We look for improvements and new ways of building customer relations. We also analyze your market and competition to determine what you need to offer to outrun your competitors.

Innovation workshops

During workshops, we dive deeper into the value you need to provide, look for solutions, answer critical questions and plan a strategy.

Workshops’ goal is to answer critical business questions and choose the best solutions. We start with presenting to you the findings from the previous stage. Then, the best path for your digital transformation is established. Workshops allow us to get to know your point of view and dive deeper into your market and business. In the end, every member of the team is on the same page. The goal is well-known and your target audience’s needs guide us through the further steps.

Product design

At this stage, we design experiences to amaze your users and interface that allows you to achieve your business goal .

Design should correspond with each task the app needs to perform to create new value for your customers. Flawless interface and excellent user experience are crucial to amaze your app’s users and make them come back. Our UX and UI designers take care of that. 

Development and support

Your team consists of developers and QA specialists, guided by a Project Manager. They work on a scalable and bug-free application for you. Then, we provide you with support and maintenance services.

We work in two-week sprints, according to Agile/Scrum methodology. Scrum is the most efficient and transparent way of organizing a project, that allows us to keep you in the loop the whole time. After each sprint, you receive a new app build for tests. Developers keep the code maintainable so that any changes can be applied easily, and Quality Assurance specialists make sure that your product works perfectly and is error-free. When your app is finished, we provide you with support and maintenance services.

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