Business Digital Transformation: Digitizing Products or Services

Reach new markets and increase revenue by digitizing your product or service. Hire our specialists to guide you through every step of digital transformation.

Customers’ expectations are changing and businesses need to adapt before the competition outruns them. Online is where your customers are, so a flawless digital product or service it’s a way to extend your offer to new markets or provide something extraordinary. Eventually, it all leads to increased revenue.

Our specialists help companies to develop digital products or adjust current ones to new market demands. The development team carefully analyzes each case to look for opportunities and find a perfect product-market fit. During this process, we use customer insights, data analysis and journey mapping. 

We provide you with a dedicated team of specialists who will get to know your business and market inside out. Their goal is to identify your opportunities to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. You don’t need to worry that we will turn your business upside down. Our team makes reliable, data-driven decisions, and test solutions step by step. 

The key to successful digital transformation lies in adjusting the solution to your business, market and customers’ needs. Choose a dedicated development team that provides the customer-centric approach and knows how to lead you through digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Process

Business and market analysis

First, we analyze your business, market and competition to spot opportunities for your digital growth.

Our specialists analyze your product or service to decide if we should transform it or add something new. We need to find out if your current product or service can be digitized or if it’s better to create a digital one from scratch. Analyzing your market and competition allows us to determine what value you need to offer to your target audience. 

Innovation workshops

During workshops, we answer critical questions and plan further steps.

We present to you our findings from the previous stage. The goal of workshops is to answer critical business questions and choose the best solution together. We establish the strategy, the best path for your digital transformation. It’s decision-making time. During workshops, you also get to know your future team better. The fact that we all take part in these activities keeps all the team members on the same page, understanding your idea, business and goals perfectly.

Product design

At this stage, we design experiences and interface your new, digital solution needs.

Product design means crafting the look and feel of your digital product. You need a flawless interface and excellent user experience to succeed with digital transformation. The design should correspond with each task the app needs to perform to add value for your audience. Our UX and UI designers take care of that.

Development and support

The team of developers and QA specialists creates a scalable and bug-free product. After the launch, we provide you with maintenance services.

Our development team works in two-week periods called sprints, using effective and transparent Agile/Scrum methodology. You’re welcome on board all the time. After each sprint, we present to you the progress and release a new app build for you to test. Developers keep the code maintainable so that any changes can be applied quickly. And QA specialists make sure that your product works perfectly and is error-free. When your app is finished, our team still supports you, takes care of updates and further product growth.

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