Product Design Services: Project Workshops

Let’s organize project workshops to validate your product-market fit with minimal spending

During Project Workshops, we gather together to analyze your business, market, target audience and competition. We conduct thorough research to plan features and functionalities needed to achieve your business goals and meet the target audience’s needs.

Workshops allow us to perfectly understand your idea. We are also able to advise you about possible innovations and growth opportunities. Project Workshops are the cheapest and quickest way to validate your product-market fit risk-free. Most often, we organize them as Design Sprint, which means that after 5-day workshops you receive a prototype of your idea, tested on real users. With Design Sprint workshops, months of work are condensed into a few days.

Organize Project Workshops with us to cut risks and gain a lot of knowledge about your product and audience.

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Design Sprint is perfect for you if you want to find out if your future app has potential. During workshops, we will look for the problems your product can solve and assess the chance for success. A thorough analysis will lead us to a clickable prototype, which we will test with your target audience representatives. Their feedback will give answers and allow us to propose further steps. After workshops, you will receive a product roadmap, Value Proposition, a tested prototype and real users feedback. Then, you can create your product with minimized risk and a lot of knowledge. Sounds good? Let’s organize a Design Sprint together and validate your app idea in a week!

Design Sprint

Day 1

We set up a long-term goal, exchange knowledge with you, and discuss to understand the problem.

Day 2

We focus on finding solutions and create sketches to make them understandable.

Day 3

The team gathers all the solutions, chooses the best ones and creates a plan for a prototype.

Day 4

Developers and designers working on and create a clickable prototype of your idea.

Day 5

It is all about conducting user interviews: getting their feedback and analyze. After that, the team decides the next steps.

The Process of Product Design Step By Step

Analysis and Workshops

We work together to know your business, audience and market inside out and spot possibilities to innovate.

First, we need to know you better. During workshops, we analyze your business, market and target audience. Our team learns more about requirements your app has to meet and goals your business needs to achieve with the product. After a thorough analysis, we will be able to make data-driven decisions.

Wireframing and Prototype

Designers establish the first looks of your app and deliver wireframes. On that basis, your development team creates a clickable prototype.

Our UX/UI designers craft first mock-ups and wireframes of your future application. These assets serve as a base for developers. They prepare a clickable prototype of your app that can be presented to real users. You gather initial users’ feedback and set up further steps, risk-free and with minimum investment.

UX design

It’s time to craft delightful experiences for your users. UX designers proceed to work.

UX designers take the project over. The goal is to provide your app’s users with additional value, flawless experience, and increase their engagement. We have to meet your users’ needs and offer them something more than your competitors do. At this stage, we strongly base our decisions on insights from the workshops and research phase.

UI design

Then, our UI designers create a visual identity of your app. It’s crafted to meet your business needs and goals.

We create an interface tailored to your app’s future functionalities and features. User Interface needs to be understandable, easy to interact with, enjoyable. We take care of the responsiveness of your app – it needs to look perfect on every platform and device. During this stage, designers also prepare a set of rules which will then guarantee a consistent look of your app.

Development and Testing

It’s time for the front-end developers to take action. They will translate design rules into code.

Frontend developers receive guidelines from the UX/UI team and rewrite them into code. Designers and developers in one team guarantees frictionless communication and better understanding. Every part of the interface and the code is manually and automatically tested. As a consequence, you will receive a bug-free product. Then, your app will also need a solid backend, which we provide.

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