Product Design Services: Prototyping

Create a clickable prototype of your idea to validate it and diminish risk. Meet with our developers during workshops to build and test your prototype in a week.

The goal of prototyping is to present your app idea to the representatives of your target audience, and gather their crucial feedback. On that basis, we assess the product-market fit and spot areas for improvement. After that, you make sure if your idea has potential, your product solves users’ problems, and meets their needs.

We can create a clickable prototype of your idea during Design Sprint workshops. After a week of intense work you receive a prototype tested with your target audience, along with vital feedback and information from them. During Google Design Sprint we also create a product roadmap and Value Proposition.

A clickable prototype allows you to easily and cost-efficiently validate your vision. You avoid uncertain investment. Create a prototype with our product design team to cut risks and gain a lot of knowledge about your product and audience.

Product Design Step By Step

1. Analysis and Workshops

We start the project with research and workshops, to learn more about your idea and business needs.

During workshops, we get to know each other better, analyze your business, market and target audience. We want to learn more about the requirements your app has to meet and the goals you want to achieve with the product. The analysis is crucial to make data-driven decisions later.

2. Wireframing and Prototype

Designers create wireframes - the first looks of your app, and developers deliver the first, clickable prototype.

Designers create first mock-ups and wireframes of your application. On that basis, developers deliver a clickable prototype of your app. We present it to real users, gather feedback and set up further steps, risk-free and with minimum investment.

3. UX design

UX designers take up the project and craft delightful experiences to amaze your users.

UX designers’ goal is to provide your users with additional value, flawless experience, and to increase their engagement. We want to meet your users’ needs and craft an excellent journey for them.

4. UI design

Now it’s time to create a visual identity of your app. UI designers craft it having your business goals in mind.

UI designers create an interface tailored to your app’s functionalities and features. UI is focused on users and business goals. The interface should be understandable, easy-to-use, enjoyable. It needs to be responsive to look great on every platform and device. During this stage, designers prepare a set of rules to guarantee a consistent look of your app.

5. Development and Testing

Then, front-end developers start to translate designers’ work into code.

Front-end developers receive guidelines from the UX/UI team and rewrite them into code. It’s good to delegate development and design to the same company because it provides frictionless communication and better understanding. During this step, every part of the interface and the code is manually and automatically tested. As a consequence, you will receive an error-free product. Besides the frontend, your app also needs a solid backend, which we provide. 

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