Automated Testing Services

Speed up the process by 50% or more with our automated testing services. 

We perform automated tests of your app using special software. Automated testing covers all aspects: usability, performance, security and functional testing. Our QA team makes sure every feature and functionality is flawless.

With automated testing, we speed up the process by 50% or more, without compromising its quality and effectiveness. Using automated tests, we eliminate human mistakes and spot hidden issues. Our QA specialists reduce app development costs by finding bugs in the early stages of the development process and predicting risks. They are a part of your dedicated team from the very beginning. We spot bugs as early as possible. It’s crucial, because that way, we prevent serious issues in the next phases of app development.

With automated testing we can seriously speed up the process without any sacrifices, increase productivity and deliver a reliable app. Choose a team implemented by automated testing experts and be sure your product is flawless.

Security testing

Our QA team performs automated testing to make your app bulletproof. Security flaws and vulnerabilities are detected during security testing. We make sure your app meets the highest security standards. It is especially crucial in the case of iOS development, with Apple’s high requirements regarding security measures.

Performance testing

Automated testing is also used to ensure the highest performance of your app. We check if your product provides the top speed and the fastest startup times. The team makes sure that your app will handle high user pikes. 

Usability testing

The team of UX and UI designers performs automated usability tests. The goal is to check out if your app is easy-to-use and user experience is flawless. 

Functional testing

Automated tests are also programmed to check if each app’s functionality is created according to established requirements and specifications.

Steps for a Stable and Bug-free App

Every feature of your app needs to go through a set of tests and reviews. That way, we make sure that your final product will be bug-free and will provide an excellent experience.

1. Code writing

A developer writes a code – the next feature of your app. When he finishes the work, the code status is changed, and it’s handed over for testing.

2. Peer code review

First, the code needs to be checked by at least one developer. If there are no flaws, the code is passed further for automated testing. Otherwise, it returns to the author.

3. Automated testing

Then, it’s time for automated testing. The QA team runs tests to check if everything works well, there are no errors, and the UI components are integrated correctly. The app’s performance and startup times are assessed. QA engineers find out if the code meets all your requirements and security standards.

4. Release

The feature is deployed and passed on for manual testing. We present it to you during the demo day, at the end of the sprint, so you can test it on your device.

5. Manual testing

The last step is manual testing. QA specialists perform manual tests on various platforms, system’s versions and devices, mimicking user’s behaviour. They check performance, UI and look for any bugs.

If no bugs are spotted or everything is fixed, your feature is ready to go.

Check out Manual Testing

Manual Testing

QA specialists from our team have the expert knowledge to predict and mimic user’s behaviour. We combine it with testing software only on actual devices: a variety of platforms and operating systems.

Ready to create a stable and bug-free product with an excellent user experience?

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