Manual Testing Services

Benefit from manual software testing services to be sure your product is bug-free and offers a great user experience.

We provide end to end manual testing services carried out from the perspective of the end-user. Our QA specialists have the expert knowledge to predict and mimic users’ behaviour. QA team members put themselves in the user’s shoes and go through many scenarios. The goal is to check if the application behaves flawlessly from the user’s perspective.

Your software is tested on actual devices, not emulators. We check how your app behaves on a variety of mobile devices, different platforms (iOS, Android, web), and different versions of each system. It’s the only way to be sure that a product works correctly in every environment. There are too many variables, and emulators do not detect a lot of problems. 

It’s crucial to spot bugs as early as possible. That way, we prevent serious issues in the next development phases. Choose a team implemented by manual testers from the earliest stage and launch your app with confidence.

Security testing

Manual testing makes your app bulletproof, because all security flaws and vulnerabilities are detected during security testing. QA engineers make sure your app meets the highest security standards. It’s especially crucial in case of iOS development because your iOS app needs to be extra secure to get accepted to the Apple App Store. 

Performance testing

QA specialists also stay on guard of your app’s performance. They make sure that your product provides the highest speed and startup times. The team also finds out if your app can handle user pikes. 

Usability testing

UX and UI designers perform usability tests. They check out with the target audience if your app is easy-to-use and user experience is flawless.

Functional testing

Our QA team has one more responsibility: they check if each app’s functionality is created in compliance with established requirements and specifications.

Steps for a Stable and Bug-free App

Before a new feature of your app is released, it needs to go through the careful process of spotting bugs. That way, we make sure that your product is flawless.

1. Coding

First, a developer writes a piece of code – a feature of your app comes to life. After it is finished, a developer changes its status and hands the feature over for testing.

2. Peer code review

Before the code goes to a QA team, at least one developer needs to check it. If the review is positive, the code is passed further for automated testing. If not, it returns to be fixed.

3. Automated tests

Our Quality Assurance team starts with automated tests. They check if everything works well and if the UI components are integrated correctly. At this point, Quality Assurance specialists also look if the code meets all the requirements and security standards established at the beginning of our cooperation.

4. Deployment

After automated testing, the feature is released and delivered for manual testing. It is presented to you during the demo day – you receive a new app build to test on your device.

5. Manual tests

QA specialists perform manual tests on various platforms, devices, and system versions. They mimic the user’s behaviour, check performance, UI, and look for any errors. It’s crucial to be very precise, go through various possible scenarios and take a close look into every tiniest detail.

The feature is ready when no bugs are spotted or everything is fixed.

Check out Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Special testing software allows us to perform automated tests of your app. It accelerates the process without any sacrifices.

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