Conference App UI/UX Redesign: How We Made It User-Friendly

October 21, 2019
DM EXCO mobile app redesign

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This September, we took part in an excellent conference in Cologne: DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Expo & Conference). The event was inspiring: we’ve learned new things, broadened our horizons and gained new ideas. But its soft spot was a mobile app. Since our experience was far from excellent, and we had some ideas on how to improve it, we’ve decided to prepare a UI/UX redesign concept for the DMEXCO mobile app.

Mobile Event App: Conference’s Must-Have

Mobile apps are no longer nice-to-have convenience for conferences. Nowadays, most of the participants find them a natural part of an event. That’s because they allow attendees to read general info, check the timeline, personalize the agenda or use in-app maps to find what they’re looking for. What’s more, they are a powerful tool for networking.

Simply speaking, mobile apps make life easier for conference attendees. Problems start when instead of being helpful, apps are confusing and not intuitive. That can seriously annoy users and leave the bad impression.

Mobile Event App: Users Expectations

Today, users expectations regarding mobile apps are high. They want an app to work perfectly, with no bugs, to be intuitive and user-friendly. If the design is poor, an app won’t look professional in users’ eyes. What is more, users have certain expectations towards each kind of an app. Nowadays, some functionalities and features became essential. And it’s no different in the case of mobile event apps.

For conference attendees, it is natural that a mobile app allows them to see the detailed event timeline and easy-to-view agenda, along with information about speakers. If the event has a few tracks, they should be able to pick the ones in languages they know (if the event has tracks in various languages) and create personalized agendas. An app should present all the information about the event, including a hall or floor plans, transparently. Most of the attendees came to the conference to make contacts. Therefore, the app must enable convenient networking, allow for direct messaging and group messages.

Mobile app users also want the design to make their lives easier, not to cause problems and frustrations. Interaction with the product should be comfortable and simple, with no unnecessary, distracting elements. Users expect clean design, clear language, easy navigation and no bugs. Otherwise, they simply won’t use the product.

DMEXCO Mobile App – What Went Wrong?

DMEXCO app – before our redesign. Source: DMEXCO 

During the DMEXCO conference, attendees needed the mobile app to access the event (the ticket was available only through it). The app’s goal was to present the agenda, enable users to create personalized schedules as well as networking. Each attendee was able to create his or her own networking profile and get in touch with other participants by sending direct messages. The app was also interactive. It allowed to scan the badge at the exhibitor’s stand, learn more about them, save the information and make an appointment.

Unfortunately, the app didn’t allow its users to exploit its full potential. The whole User Experience wasn’t excellent. There was much information everywhere, and it was challenging to find the one we were looking for in that abundance. User Interface wasn’t intuitive, it was easy to get lost in the app. The appearances were in English and German, and for non-german speakers it was tough to create a schedule because there was no possibility to filter the presentations by the language. What is more, networking was made difficult, because there was no in-app chat (instead of sending direct messages in the app, users were redirected to send text messages). The app was obligatory to use to enter the conference, but it failed in many purposes. It received negative rates in both Google Play and App Store.

DMEXCO Mobile App – Our UI/UX Redesign

DMEXCO app: after Appstronauts redesign 

If you develop a mobile app for a big conference, you certainly don’t want it to be unhelpful. Especially if attendees need it to enter the conference. At Appstronauts, we spotted DMEXCO app problems immediately. We knew what to do to improve User Experience and make the app serve its purpose. That’s why we decided to prepare our proposition for DMEXCO mobile app UI/UX redesign.

UI/UX Redesign Process

At first, we listed all the essential app’s functionalities and created wireframes that depicted every screen needed. We kept it simple – with no unnecessary information and communicates, so as not to overwhelm users, which was the previous version’s problem. Appstronauts developers improved the navigation between screens to make the UI more intuitive. Our designer took care of the visual side of the app. The old version was not so modern and mostly black and white. We added colours compatible with DMEXCO branding and made the app look light and contemporary.

Our designers worked on the messenger from the visual side and designed it to act in the app. We also improved the looks of the user’s profile and login screen. Our team made it easier to search among attendees and look at their profiles. We simplified the schedule, made it more transparent and easy-to-use. Appstronauts team also added a possibility to filter the appearances by language. 

These changes allowed us to solve the problems the DMEXCO app had. We made it look modern, improved User Experience and made User Interface easy-to-use and intuitive. Putting our proposition and solutions into effect, DMEXCO app could regain its powers and become helpful again.

Check out the visual results of our redesign project at Behance and scroll here for more visuals: 

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