Immediate Help with Carrying on Your Software Development Project

April 15, 2020

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Coronavirus put many of us in tough situations. We know that business owners struggle with creating a team and continuing their projects. Hiring new developers is time-consuming and very difficult in the current situation. Outsourcing will push your project forward immediately. If you experience problems with carrying on your software development project, let us help. Find out in which projects we can help and how we organize cooperation during these tough times.

What We Can Do For You

We’re here for you if you look for web and mobile app development and design. Our team can take over your existing project or start a new one. 

We specialize in:

  • Mobile app development with Ionic and Flutter
  • Backend and API development with .net and node.js
  • Web app development with Angular 
  • Progressive Web App development with Angular and Ionic

Get immediate help from a dedicated team of frontend and backend developers and QA specialists. If your product needs design, let’s enlarge it with UX/UI designers. QA specialists are present at all stages of the app development process to provide you with a bug-free, reliable product. Want to shorten the time to market even more? Equip your team with a DevOps engineer. After the release, we will provide you with support and maintenance services.

If your existing team simply needs more forces to continue work, choose team augmentation. Your team will be supplemented with our specialist who will work with you remotely.

Our Experience

Our developers have experience in developing web and mobile apps for industries like transportation, fintech, telecommunication, e-commerce, healthcare, and entertainment, as well as in creating complex digital marketplaces. Among our clients are startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and corporations. We guided them through the process of digital transformation, helped innovate, optimize internal operational processes, employees’ workflow and improve customers’ experience. For more details, go through our case studies.

We were distinguished by Clutch as one of the Eastern Europe leaders and listed as one of the best software development companies in the world by TechReviewer. Feel welcome to check our reviews on Clutch to find out if we meet your requirements.

Project Management

We organize projects with Agile/Scrum methodology. It means that we work in two-week sprints. At the end of each you are presented with the results, and receive a new app build to test. You can reach us anytime via Slack, track the progress and timesheets on Jira. We will assign a Project Manager to your project to manage everything, guide you and help you.

How Will We Cooperate?

During these tough times, our office is closed and we operate 100% remotely. However, it doesn’t change anything in terms of our cooperation with you, besides the fact, that all of our meetings will be carried online. Our team is prepared for remote work and we deliver with no disruptions (Read more on how we organize work during the coronavirus crisis).

To kick off our project easier, in the beginning, we can organize remote workshops and research to make sure we understand your vision, analyze your business, market and audience needs. That will put us all on the same page and ensure that we’re going in the right direction.

With our clients, we always sign a secure contract that protects their idea and rights, with an NDA and transferring all the IP rights to them. What is more, we put contractual penalties in our agreements that are triggered when we cross the deadline. We work GDPR-compliant and take serious care of data security.

How to Start a Project?

If you’re interested in starting a project with us, we can do it entirely online. We’ve mastered the processes that allow us to move every activity to the web. Let’s start with a simple voice call or a video call using your preferable tools like Skype, Slack or Google Hangouts, and talk about your options. To settle everything up and polish up a deal we then propose video conferencing and online tools like HelloSign. Talk to us to learn about the details:

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