Cloud Deployment

Leverage Cloud technology to speed up the development of your app and increase its capabilities

Configuring and maintaining servers, and developing highly reliable infrastructure takes time. If you want to speed up the development process, cloud technology is the answer. Serverless computing allows you to run apps without the need to create infrastructure. The environment can be created in minutes. It means more time for coding. Cloud deployment implies lower cost and more efficient process. It’s a secure, reliable and time-efficient solution.

Implement your app development team with DevOps engineers and leverage Cloud technology to speed up the development of your app. To deliver this solution, we use AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud or Google Cloud. The best solution, with all the technology stack, is suited to your project’s needs. We choose public clouds because they assure scalability, flexibility, 24/7 support and easy access to data.

Benefit from the abilities of our DevOps specialists and choose Cloud deployment to increase scalability of your app and efficiency of the process.


AWS Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

DevOps Process Designed to Provide Quick and Efficient Development

1. Planning

Our team starts with defining features your app will need, and creates a backlog. The project will be managed according to the Scrum framework – in two-week sprints. After each one, we meet to present the results to you.

2. Development and Integration

Developers write code, and then, every step of testing, reviewing and integrating it is entirely automated. Tests are super fast. We are able to release the software in short cycles, with the use of highly productive tools.

3. Automated Deployment

The process of app deployment is automated. Developers set automatic gates to push the code further without manual approval. Spotted bugs are the only thing that prevents the deployment.

4. After-launch Support

After launch, we monitor and maintain your app. Our team uses actionable alerting that allows us to identify issues before they really affect user experience. Developers receive the alert and solve problems immediately after they occur.

Implement DevOps culture to your software development project

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