Continuous Deployment

The deployment of your app is automated which makes frequent releases easy

Continuous Deployment consists of frequent, automated releases of new features and functionalities as soon as they are done. Developers write code, and then, it automatically passes through a set of production stages, including continuous integration and automated tests. The goal is to release it without human intervention. A failed test is the only thing that prevents automatic deployment. These practices allow developers to focus on coding and cut the time spent on testing. QA specialists are able to focus on potential improvements. With automatic deployment, releasing new features is simple and accelerated. 

The big benefit of continuous deployment is that developers don’t need to pause their work to do a release. It also helps to quickly handle bugs submitted by users, because any changes can be deployed without hesitation.

We provide you with a team of developers implemented by DevOps engineers that use Continuous Deployment to automate and speed up the releases. Benefit from our experience in delivering quickly and frequently, with no disruptions.

DevOps Process Crafted for Speed and Efficiency

1. Planning

DevOps team defines features of your app and establishes a backlog with needed tasks. The project is managed according to the Scrum framework, which makes it transparent and efficient. We work in two-week sprints.

2. Development and Code Integration

Designers craft UX and UI, and developers write the code of your app. Then, every step of testing, reviewing and integrating the code is automated. The app’s functionalities are released in short cycles, with the use of highly productive tools. 

3. App Deployment

The deployment of your app is entirely automated. Developers set automatic gates that push the code further without manual approval. The only thing that can prevent the deployment of a piece of code is a bug spotted during automated tests.

4. Maintenance and Support

During the monitoring and maintenance phase we use actionable alerting tools. They send alerts to developers right after identifying issues, before problems affect users. The team solves issues immediately when they occur.

Implement DevOps culture to your software development project

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