Maintenance and Support

Sleep soundly while we will monitor your app’s performance with alerting tools and fix issues before they affect user experience

DevOps process doesn’t end when the traditional development process does. After the deployment, we still monitor your app’s infrastructure, bugs, code and configuration. Thanks to monitoring tools and our alerting system the team receives immediate notifications when something’s wrong. These tools watch over your app 24/7 and send alerts to developers right after the issue is spotted. We react immediately. Our goal is to identify and remove issues before they affect user experience. 

We provide you with continuous quality, support and improvements. Use the abilities of our DevOps specialists to speed up the development of your app and provide your users with the highest quality even long after the launch.

DevOps Process Designed for Time and Cost-Efficiency

1. Planning

First, the DevOps team establishes features of your app and creates a backlog. Then, the tasks are divided and assigned to team members. The project is managed according to Agile/Scrum methodology, which makes it transparent and efficient. We work in two-week sprints.

2. Design and Development

Designers and developers work on your app. However, every step of testing, reviewing and integrating your code is automated. We release the software in short cycles with the use of highly productive tools.

3. App Deployment

The process of app deployment is also entirely automated. Developers set automatic gates that push the code further without manual approval, which makes frequent delivery easy.

4. Support and Maintenance

After the launch, the monitoring and maintenance phase begins. The teams use alerting tools to identify issues before they affect user experience. They solve the problems immediately when they occur.

Implement DevOps culture to your software development project

Hi, my name is Rado. I’m here to answer all your questions about DevOps and show how CI/CD processes can speed up the development of your app.