Meet 10 Companies Using Svelte Framework for App Development

June 14, 2021

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We have been observing the development of frameworks in the IT industry for a long time. However, it is very interesting to see the appearance of a small but very powerful framework like Svelte. We have already talked about the features and characteristics of this extremely useful tool in the previous article. In today’s article, we will try to introduce you to companies that use this framework. As you know, each company is different and the company’s approach to using even the same tools can differ. For this reason, we examined ten IT companies that used Svelte in app development. We will certainly learn something new about Svelte from these experiences!


Which well-known companies use this framework and how is Svelte evaluated by programmers from different companies?

  • Developers responsible for creating the app positively evaluate Svelte. In the course of work on this app, which includes an online chess platform, as well as hundreds of guides and chess lessons, the feedback from the use of Svelte has been very positive. What is very important, Svelte turned out to be a tool that allows you to go straight to programming business logic. Thanks to its efficiency, it is perfect for all Internet of Things devices. Another advantage of this framework is quick implementation. Due to the low entry threshold and the code readability, Svelte turned out to be the perfect tool for creating such a brilliant application.
  • Svelte was used to create an application for one of the most popular news sites, The New York Times. The use of this small, but very efficient framework in the work on the New York Times application shows how much potential lies hidden in this tool. Certainly, it is excellent proof that simple solutions can be used to create even the largest projects. Definitely, the potential that is in Svelte makes it possible to use it to create very complex applications.
  • Svelte was also used during work on applications from companies such as Nesta and Rakuten. What is behind the choice of this particular framework while working on these applications?


Svelte has a fairly high performance and efficiency compared to Angular or React. The main reason for this is a well-optimized framework that gives you the flexibility to create high-quality code at compile time. In other words, it’s a well-balanced compiler. This minimizes the load on the runtime, which additionally leads to faster loading and navigation in the interface.

Package size:

The package size is smaller compared to Angular, just like other frameworks. The package is what you send to the customer, that is why it’s always better to minimize the size of the data transfer. Svelte will make a difference in this aspect, as it is significantly smaller than Vue and even four times smaller than Angular.

Lines of code:

Lines of code are what really drew most developers to Svelte. Ease in operating even on more complex projects, as well as its simplicity is something that attracts users after just a few moments of contact. What is more, the multiplicity of functions in this small framework delighted developers from the very beginning!


  • Avast – a popular antivirus program that has gained the recognition of hundreds of thousands of users also uses Svelte to create its mobile application. This free and very intuitive antivirus program has always relied on simple and convenient solutions. No wonder that Svelte was used to create its mobile application. This easy-to-use framework certainly appealed to the programmers working on this project. What is more, a number of simple and convenient solutions available in this framework certainly made work on the application itself easier!


  • Svelte is faster than any other framework, such an opinion prevails in the world of programmers. Developers from Philips and certainly think so too. Svelte was used to create mobile applications for these companies. Wide range of functions available within this framework certainly made their work much easier. Everyone certainly appreciates the simple and convenient solutions, as well as the stability of the framework. For these apps, it definitely turned out to be beneficial!


  • Yellowpopcustom LED producer used Svelte too. The use of Svelte by this company confirms that Svelte is a tool that allows you to approach programming differently. While working in it, you get a clean object code that contains exactly what the programmer wrote. However, the future of Svelte strongly depends on the stabilization of this framework. Radical changes in this aspect may cause a major imbalance in popularity. The uncertain future of the development of given solutions can discourage other companies, however, current performance of the Svelte is amazingly good!


  • Decathlon an extremely popular sporting equipment store also decided to use Svelte while working on their app. With this smart app you are able to return or exchange products and also collect points for loyalty. Svelte framework was used to build this application, and many advantages were noticed during the production stage. Developers working on this application appreciated good code splitting which Svelte enables. What is also important, this small framework, permits developers to embrace great performance to ensure customer satisfaction and a good natural referencing.
  • Experts from Appstronauts company often use Svelte for the app development process.  What do these experienced developers say about this framework? After careful analysis of the features, they found that the simplicity and compactness is not a disadvantage but an Svelte advantage. What is more, Svelte will be perfect for multi-module projects! What is also very important – while working on the app development project and working on Svelte, you don’t have to worry about transition problems. You can also read interesting Svelte solutions and functions that the Appstronauts developers found in our other article.

We are convinced that the described advantages and features of Svelte, which are also confirmed by other companies, will be widely appreciated by the IT industry. Certainly, the publicity of this small framework has made it widely used by both small and large IT companies. What else have the creators of Svelte prepared for us? Will we get a big update? All that remains is to wait!

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