Why use Ionic: Examples for Enterprise Clients

May 27, 2021

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Ionic is a clever tool which initially created drag & drop solutions to make simple applications using jQuery Mobile and Bootstrap. Seeing the popularity of such solutions, developers decided to create their own framework that allows you to create applications faster and easier – this is how Ionic was created. The main assumption of this interesting framework is the possibility of using typical web code to minimize the effort associated with releasing the application to another platform. In many cases, Ionic will make the “copy-paste” of web application code work in the mobile application. We have already described the advantages and features of this intuitive framework in our other article, if you are interested, click here. In this article, we will focus on another issue related to this framework. Namely, it is about the use of Ionic by enterprise clients and what benefits such clients can get from using this framework.

Before we move on to the description of individual applications and companies that have benefited from Ionic, it is worth repeating the main advantages of using this framework.

The main reason why Ionic is so readily used is that it saves businesses time and resources while building cross-platform apps. Such time saving is achieved by platform adaptation being so convenient and simple. That is why, a single, experienced development team can release an app and swiftly adapt it to run on multiple platforms. It is therefore possible to release one application for both iOS and Android with great resources savings. Therefore, Ionic allows us to create hybrid mobile apps while minimizing adaptation development.

What are the other reasons to use Ionic?

  • The main reason why Ionic is so appreciated is that it is based on well-known web technologies. Therefore, even less experienced programmers will be able to work on this framework and use its simple and intuitive functions.
  • Ionic makes it possible to integrate with most of the plugins, add-ons, and modules for AngularJS and Cordova. A great advantage of this framework is that Angular’s plugin repository currently contains over 2000 modules. Such modules can facilitate the integration of Ionic apps with popular web services, which implement complex UI elements.
  • Ionic is a framework that is under constant development. Available Ionic 2.0 represents a significant enhancement to the first iteration. Ionic 2.0 is based on Angular 2.0, which offers greater efficiency, more convenient functions. What is also very important, Ionic has a clean code structure and has easy to use, built-in modules for mobile apps creation.

Developers admit that Ionic is one of the most favorable choices for hybrid app creation. Developing a mobile app with many functionalities, features and user experience is possible in Ionic. Although there are many benefits of hybrid app development while using Ionic, we listed some practical examples. Take a look at the apps created for the enterprise clients that were built using the Ionic!

  • Cryptochange. Modern cryptocurrency tracker app. This app maintains a track of top 100 cryptocurrencies currently available on the market. It is a simple to use, intuitive and stable application that is available both on AppStore and Google Play. This app was built with Ionic and uses the capabilities of this framework. Thanks to the use of convenient functions available in this framework, working on this application turned out to be much easier.
  • Untappd. Ingenious application for lovers of discovering new gastronomic possibilities. Untappd app enables its users to discover nearby craft beers, pubs and restaurants that serve craft beer. This application is available for both Android and iOS users. Built with the Ionic framework, the application has extensive functions such as local events alerts, recommendation panel, and store. All of this has been achieved with the help of Ionic.
  • Sworkit. At home workout and fitness plan app. Sworkit is your daily workout app that can help you to maintain your daily activity. It is one of the top fitness apps for iPhone, Android and web users. Created with Ionic, Sworkit app offers over 160 inline video demonstrations for yoga workouts, stretching, cardio and many more. Currently the app has been downloaded over 25 million times. Convenient features such as calendar, choosing a training plan, and notification have been implemented with Ionic framework. No wonder the app was so successful!
  • Nationwide. Fully functional banking app in which you can manage your accounts, savings, loans, mortgages and credit cards. With this app you can easily handle your finances and among others:
    • Browse Nationwide product offerings, and open new accounts;
    • Freeze or unfreeze your debit card;
    • Report lost or stolen cards;
    • Change your passnumber;
    • Setup new bill payments and check existing payments;
    • Setup and track a savings goal.

Created with Ionic, Nationwide app has already been downloaded 3 million times. Furthermore the use of Ionic functionalities in the banking sector emphasizes that this framework is appreciated even by large enterprise clients!

  • ChefSteps. It is an exceptionally ingenious app with tutorials and tools for cooking lovers. Chefsteps is a platform where you can find recipes, video classes, and tools for everyone who enjoys cooking. Created with Ionic framework, this popular app enables the use of the entire database of recipes and training videos. The application is available to both iOS and Android users. While using the ChefSteps app it is impossible not to admire the stability of operation and the absence of errors. This is the effect of using the Ionic for sure!

We are convinced that the examples given as well as the advantages of using Ionic will be of interest to you. This revolutionary framework is gaining more and more popularity, and with subsequent updates, its capabilities grow. Experts from Appstronauts also have a positive feeling when using Ionic, and its wide application and extensive functions are very useful in their work. You can also find more interesting information about Ionic here. It is certainly a framework that cannot be ignored!

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