Rock Radio: Remarkable Radio App with User-Engagement Powers

October 14, 2019
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Rock Radio is an exceptional radio app with features that are useful and support user engagement. It’s available for Android and iOS. With Rock Radio mobile app, you can not only listen to music but also set an alarm clock, send a message to a radio host or enter the contest directly.

Rock Radio App: to Connect with the Listeners

Rock Radio is a part of AGORA S.A., a huge polish media company that owns several radio stations. The company approached us with the task of creating mobile apps for three of their radio stations. Morover, each one for Android and iOS. One of the apps was Rock Radio. Above all, our client wanted to use the app to connect with their listeners through the medium they use most often – smartphone. What is more, they needed a perfect direct marketing tool.

Challenge: Radio App with not so Obvious Modern Features

To clarify, the Radio Rock app wasn’t meant to be ordinary. Radio streaming had to be only one of the app’s functionalities. Above all, the app’s goal was to increase engagement and offer extra features: useful and entertaining for the listeners. It was also meant to be a tool for direct marketing. Therefore, it had to offer features like push notifications, analytics or advertising. As a consequence, we faced the task of creating an extraordinary radio app with limited time and budget.

Solution: Superpowered Radio App

Firstly, we equipped the app with the contest mechanism. Therefore, it allows users to participate in a contest directly through the app and provides excellent user experience. Secondly, we gave the app the ability to send push notifications which increase user engagement. What is more, to make the app more entertaining, we equipped it with an alarm clock (users can set radio streaming or chosen sound). Moreover, we added the ability to send a message to a radio host.

Benefits for the Client

Agora S.A. published Rock Radio app 4 months ago, and now it has over 5000 downloads on Google Play. Users love it: it has 4.1 rate on the Google Play and 4.3 on the Apple App Store. Rock Radio app is a powerful marketing tool

  • The company can encourage their listeners to take part in contests with push notifications. Therefore, the app increases user engagement.
  • The app provides the listeners with the smooth and user-friendly contest process.
  • Users can spread the word about contests easily via added social media sharing mechanism. As a consequence, the brand’s reach improves.
  • The company can track and analyze listeners activity thanks to analytic tools. Therefore, they learn about users behaviours and preferences,
  • The app allows Agora S.A. to increase revenue thanks to Google AdMob that enables to display advertisements.

Create Your Radio App with Appstronauts

Do yoo want to create a super-powered radio app that increases engagement and provides excellent User Experience? At Appstronauts, we’ll be glad to help you! Kindly send us a short description of your project at or fill out this short form to get an estimate.

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